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What is workplace wellbeing?

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Our team helps empower organisations to inspire positive behavioural change and build a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce, no matter what your business size. Our approach is firmly grounded in our expertise in behavioural science and is supported by independently verified Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey data. This means we can help you drive employee engagement, help your workforce lead happier, healthier lives and enable you to understand the strong correlation between healthier employees and productivity.

Latest Podcast

Top Tips from Vitality Performance Champions on Staying Active

Vitality Performance Champions Alex Gregory, James Hudson, Crista Cullen and Lizzie Simmonds provide insights on why staying active is even more important to them after they retire from their professional sporting careers and give some great motivational advice on how to fit and enjoy physical activity in our daily busy lives.
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Case Studies

Multiply - Vitality Changing Lives

Through the work the team does with organisations, we see first-hand how employees benefit healthwise from some of the benefits that our health insurance offers through their workplace. Read and watch some of the brilliant organisational testimonials here.
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New Workshops

We are continually improving our workshop offerings. Whether you want to target your company weak spot or just want to improve your employees’ general wellbeing, we have it covered.

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Core Services

Our core services are provided as standard. They support specific health and wellbeing content across the calendar year. View all of our core services.
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Optional Services

Our optional services are designed to further educate, engage and reward your employees. They’re dependent on your business size and plan type.
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