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Achieve More
by Doing Less

Written by Vitality Head Coach Andy Magill
Advances in technology have had many positive impacts on our working habits and productivity. It’s now possible to communicate with colleagues remotely though instant messaging, video conference, email and telephone.
Having a range of methods of communication offers great flexibility, however it also presents a unique problem in the modern workplace. Having a constant stream of notifications from different sources, each competing for our attention, is leading many employees to feel “constantly connected” and this is negatively impacting our ability to concentrate and work productively.

This in turn can lead us to feel burnt out and anxious, and never really “on top” of the tasks that need to be completed.
If this sounds familiar, here are three things to help you reduce the input, and therefore increase your output.  
  1. Pick the Big Three – With many incoming notifications, it can be hard to decide on what is most important to address. Before signing off for the day, make a plan of the three key things you must do the following day. This way, when you arrive into the office, you already know what needs to be completed, and this saves you from getting distracted by all the “new and more important” notifications. 
  2. Batch your emails - digital interruptions via email pop-ups disrupt our ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Rather than quickly check your email whilst working on a document, switch your email to work offline and only check once finished. Alternatively, try to check your emails only at set times during the day.
  3. Consider the best way to communicate your message – With a range of options at your disposal, consider the best way to communicate. For example, instant messenger might be great to answer a simple question, but not the best method to explain a technical concept in detail. Always remember that meeting in person is always an option and is often the most enjoyable and productive!