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Vitality At Work

Benefits for

Thank you for choosing Vitality as your Business Healthcare insurance provider. When you choose to engage with Vitality At Work as an employer, there are many benefits that we will bring to both your organisation and staff.

Better productivity

We have seen from our research on health and wellbeing in the workplace, that healthier organisations have an additional six days of productivity per employee compared to the least healthy companies.1 We therefore include Vitality Plus, our health and rewards partner programme, as standard on all Business Healthcare plans, giving you the best opportunity to create a healthy and engaged workforce with Vitality Active and Status Rewards.

1Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, 2016

Lower absenteeism

Active employees have a 26%2 lower absence rate than inactive employees.

2Percentage based on the relationship between the absence levels and Vitality engagement over a 12 month period of our existing small business customers who have completed their Vitality Age.

Vitality status-linked excess

By engaging with our wellness programme and remaining active, we give your employees Vitality points. The more points they earn, the higher their Vitality status, from Bronze up to Platinum. Living a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent a range of conditions, but sometimes even the healthiest members will need to make a claim. A Vitality Status-Linked Excess means you can reward your employees who have engaged with our wellness programme by reducing the amount they have to pay towards their medical treatment. This way, you can benefit from lower premiums and your employees benefit from being able to lower their excess alongside enjoying all the other rewards and benefits available to them as a VitalityHealth member.

A ready-made rewards package

We encourage your employees to lead a healthier life and reward them for doing so. As well as award-winning cover, we give your staff something back when they get active and track their activities, meaning they can benefit without having to claim.