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Lunchtime Workouts in 30 Minutes or Less

Written by Vitality Clinician Jonathan Kibble
It’s clear that there are many benefits of keeping active such as reduced illness, increased productivity, increased fitness and lower rates of stress to name a few. How do we achieve these as well as working, commuting, looking after the kids and sorting the house work? Getting active is great! However, as more and more of us lead busier lives the time in which we have to get active is slowly disappearing.
Short, effective workouts that you can do anywhere are the key! If you have a spare half an hour on your lunch break at work or even a quick half hour after finishing at work you can still get all those great benefits with or without a gym membership! Bodyweight exercises are your best friend as they can be done anytime and anywhere. All that’s left to figure out is how you should lay them out to achieve the best results. Find three 30-minute workouts below that you can complete at work or around your busy schedule with minimal equipment.

1. As many repetitions as possible in 20 mins of – 20 squats, 15 lunges (alternating legs), 10 burpees, five press ups.
Complete the exercises in this order and repeat the sequence as many times as you can. Each time you complete all the exercises down to five press ups – counts this as one round. Record your score at the end of the workout. If you get halfway through a round, just record whole rounds and then where you got to through the next one e.g. four rounds and up to 12 squats. Try this once each week and try to beat your score each time!
2. One minute on – 30 seconds rest for two rounds
  • Squats
  • Press ups
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • Plank
  • Mountain climbers
  • Walk outs
  • Jump Squats
  • Shoulder taps
Complete all the exercises in the set order. Complete as many repetitions as you can of each exercise in one minute then rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next. Complete the whole circuit twice.

3. Five minute rounds in a 10 to one ladder (you’ll need two bits of kit for this one, a kettlebell and two weighted plates/objects)

Round One – Skater Jumps, Mountain climbers – WALL SIT
Round Two - Press Up, Thruster – PLANK
Round Three - Squats, Lunges – SQUAT HOLD
Round Four - Floor touches, Push press – VSIT

This one consists of four separate rounds. Each round consists of two moving exercises followed by a hold. The idea is you complete the moving exercises in a ladder of ten – one repetition and then IF you finish in five minutes, you then complete the hold until five minutes is up. For example for round two you complete 10 press ups, 10 thrusters, nine press ups, nine thrusters, eight press ups, eight thrusters etc all the way down to one of each with as little rest as possible. If you finish before the five-minute mark, complete the plank until you hit five minutes. Once you have completed one round, rest for two minutes and then carry on to the next.