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Top Tips for Staying Fit with a Busy Lifestyle 

By Performance Champion Crista Cullen
From being a professional athlete having a career spanning over four Olympic cycles culminating in winning Bronze in London and Gold in Rio Olympics for the GB Women’s Hockey team to my current busy life in London as a marketing consultant, I appreciate the need to prioritise physical exercise and wellbeing. I truly believe it gets the best out of me in all aspects of my life. Here are my top tips on how to ensure exercise is a vital part of your everyday life regardless of how busy it is!
Build a rest period into a strict training schedule
Even athletes have the days that they don’t want to go training or do physical exercise, trust me, you are not alone. The key is understanding your body better, investing time in you and working hard on knowing what will make you commit to getting just something done on those, ‘tougher’ days. This has become more important for me since combining a more traditional working life, with training. Building an exercise session into your daily or weekly routine which is blocked out, non-negotiable, just like your meetings works for me. As well as block training, three harder weeks of training, followed by a week that is lighter so you have time to recover and something to look forward to or work towards. 
Make exercise a habit
Getting out of sync or being someone that does not always work well with routine is fine, but the key to all of this is finding something that suits you and your personality, knowing yourself and being honest with yourself. Getting a process together, working out what you want to achieve, and then placing in milestones that will get you there. Signing up for a challenge, it doesn’t need to be extreme, just something that will push you out of your comfort zone, make you train on those slightly “tougher, I don’t want to” days. We also talk about block training, which I think has been very effective for people that want to get a longer term physical training change, if you focus through a three week block of training and then reward yourself with a lighter week.
Join a team sport
There are correlations between a high performing sports team and an effective, productive team in the corporate world: some people are leaders and some are followers, some people bring energy to a group and I find energy infectious. That is why I was part of a team sport, as it was never just about me. Indirectly through helping and supporting others in what they wanted to achieve physically, you push yourself harder and enjoy it more. Having a positive attitude is key and when the chips are down. Pulling on the realism, shifting your focus and helping others or better still encouraging those in your team to come on the journey too creates a small community.