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Vitality At Work

See our Champions in action

Liz McTurk and Aurore Moineau

We were not sure what to expect when we attended the training on 4th April at Vitality London Office and what we would have to do as Champs. However the training day was great. Everyone was friendly and we were all in the same boat. The coaches were great and explained the values of the company, and the speaker was very inspirational. However when we left we were still not 100% sure of what was expected of us as champions as we thought we would have been given more information on our role and how to get people involved back at the office.

Since the training day we have started our Champs journey by setting up a Vitality information page on the business intranet site, so all employees have a point of reference for all things Vitality. The page includes the Members login link, Newsletters, Food of the Month, Getting started in 10 steps, and we plan to include details of any Vitality events such as races going on to encourage people to get active!

As a starting point we also thought it would be useful to ask for feedback directly from the employees, to better understand how they are currently engaging with Vitality and what they would like to see more of to get them even more engaged and excited about Vitality. We therefore set up a short questionnaire and asked employees to give their feedback. We plan on using this feedback to help us decide on future initiatives we will introduce into the business so that everyone can get involved!

We have also asked employees to nominate someone every month for the Champs Cheer, which gets everyone involved and encourages people to make small steps towards improving their health. We have sent a separate email to you with our Champs Cheer for April.

Tharina Cronje

Since being a Champion, I have introduced myself to my colleagues and hosted 5 webinars about how to get started with Vitality and one face-to-face meeting, over 90 colleagues attended these sessions. I've made myself available for 1:1 support and have facilitated queries.

We have launched a Google + Community where I share tips and initiatives from the newsletter and we also replicate the content on our intranet for another part of the business, this is done on a weekly basis.

June is our Bring your own lunch to work. I've created a star chart, you get a star if you have brought your own lunch in and if it includes at least one thing of red, green or yellow on your plate. About 15 people are involved with this. The other incentive is that it is saving us all money. I have also shared healthy and quickly to make recipes with my colleagues.

On the back of the webinars one of our offices challenged themselves and are walking virtually to each of our 10 offices in the country, 1212 miles in between these offices. Every team member committed to walk 10000 steps a day, they are in week 3 of the challenge and they are over half way already!

Lindsey Passaic

This month marked the start of running club at Vitality’s London office. To get the club up and ‘running’, I sent around a short survey to collect information about staff’s favourite time and day to run, running pace and whether anyone would be willing to lead a run. I used the survey responses to pick two days a month to organize lunchtime 5Ks. By sending out a survey I was able assign run leaders and communicate run club dates in advance so that staff could plan their time accordingly. To ensure that no one forgets about the runs, I send Outlook diary invites and post run reminders in common areas. We had a nice group at our first run and everyone’s looking forward to the next 5K around the city.

As the Champion in London and a qualified personal trainer, I also initiated a June fitness program. Instead of trying to organise the classes on my own, I worked with Vitality’s ‘Making a Difference’ committee to capitalise on existing business resource and make the classes as successful as possible. For four weeks this June, a group of staff has been meeting once a week for a 45-minute exercise class. The classes are all about having fun and getting in extra physical activity before heading home for the day. To make the classes as accessible as possible, they’re free, designed for all ability levels, and take place in our office at the end of the day. It’s hard to find an excuse not to join! The classes have been so popular we’re thinking of extending it for the rest of the summer.

As awareness of the Champion role increases, I’m hoping to spearhead initiatives around Vitality’s other health pillars such as nutrition and mental wellbeing. Heading into summer seems like a great time to highlight hydration tips and healthy recipes that keep you cool!