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Vitality At Work

Yearly Health Calendar

Quarterly themes support specific health and wellbeing content across the calendar year. These themes will engage your employees across our key pillars of Vitality; Physical Activity, Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing and Stop Smoking and Know Your Health.


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Healthy Eating Get Active Mental Wellbeing Stop Smoking and Know Your Health
Monthly Newsletters
Quarterly Podcast (March 2018): Intelligent Nutrition
Quarterly Podcast (June 2018): Why Being Active Really Matters
Quarterly Podcast: Coming Soon
Quarterly Podcast: Coming Soon
Quarterly Campaign: Articles
  1. Five Office Danger Snacking Zones (PDF)
Quarterly Campaign: Articles
  1. Ten Ways to Boost Your Points on the Way to Work (Infographic)
  2. Lifting for Life
  3. Lunchtime Workouts in 30 Minutes or Less
  4. Supercharge your Lunchtime Walk
  5. Setting Up a Work Sports Team
  6. Get on Your Bike
Quarterly Campaign: Articles
  1. Achieve More by Doing Less
  2. Happiness in the Office
  3. How to Refresh your Desk and Max Your Productivity (Infographic)
  4. Ways to Build Self-Confidence and Stand Out at Work
  5. Mindfulness: Living for the Now
Quarterly Campaigns: Coming Soon