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Meet the Team

Amanda Swann

Head of Vitality At Work
Amanda Swann

Amanda Swann, Head of Vitality At Work

  • London Chamber of Commerce, Business Studies and Law
  • Lewes College
Area of Specialism:
Sales & Innovation
Professional Experience:
  • Amanda joined Vitality as a start-up business 14 years ago to help people become fitter and healthier and to establish the corporate distribution channel. 
  • With high levels of motivation, tenacity and creativity, Amanda embraces new opportunities and complex problems as both exciting and liberating and these attributes contribute to years of success and recognition as a sales professional and business leader. 
  • A senior leader and founder of Vitality At Work, Amanda leads the Vitality At Work team to inspire and equip companies to understand their organisational health risks, deliver health interventions and encourage employees to become fitter and healthier.
About Amanda:

Active by nature, Amanda enjoys strength training, with boxing being a particular passion, and travel. She believes in leading by example and seeks to inspire her team and those around her to lead healthier, active lives and reap the benefits this brings.