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Vitality At Work

Vitality Coach

Our Vitality Coaches are workplace wellness specialists

They cover topical issues faced in the workplace, employee wellbeing and ways to engage and motivate.

Your Vitality Coach will:

  • Through consultation create a health and wellbeing roadmap which addresses key health risks
  • Set health goals in line with organisational goals and objectives
  • Support and show you how best to use all the wellness tools at your disposal
  • Provide key insights through health data analysis of the employee population on a quarterly basis, reviewing the strategy against set objectives.


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Meet our coaches

  • Andrew Magill

    Andrew Magill is our Head Vitality Coach. A qualified physiotherapist, Andy is well-placed to help employees improve their health and wellbeing. He enjoys swimming, cycling and running! Not to mention putting all three sports together and racing triathlons and ultra-marathons!

  • Lindsey Passaic

    Lindsey Passaic is a Vitality Coach. Lindsey is also a certified personal trainer, nutritional expert, dog mom and book lover. She believes life is about the pursuit of happiness with lots of parkruns, coffees and canine kisses thrown in. 

  • Jonny Kibble

    Jonny is a Vitality Physiologist. Jonny is also a qualified personal trainer and has worked with people from all walks of life. He’s your man if you want some advice on your health, fitness or health test results. As well as being a Black Belt in karate he also enjoys cycling, running and generally lifting anything heavy!