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Black Box Thinking:

Open Minds for High Performance
What we believe and how we think drives how we behave. “[Black Box Thinking] is about creating systems and cultures that enable organisations to learn from errors, rather than being threatened by them.”
Length of Workshop: 1 hour
Number of Participants: 20

We can either view our mistakes and failures as reasons to apportion blame and dole out punishment, or we can be deeply curious about them and embrace them enthusiastically as learning opportunities. And with learning, of course, comes growth – personal and professional, individually and, crucially of course when it comes to business, collectively.

To drive a culture of high performance for individuals, teams and organisations, we radically need to shape the attitudes we adopt in order to achieve success.

‘Growth mindset’ creates great leaders and great organisations. Moving from a fixed-mindset to a growth mindset, individuals and organisations can become great, by encouraging a culture of curiosity, self-awareness, discipline, feedback and perseverance. In addition, not depending wholly on talent alone and by being open to discussing and learning from our mistakes. A growth mindset liberates people’s talents as they start to operate more freely, creating a culture:

“Where people trust leadership; and where there is trust, people will volunteer information. This does not happen in a blame culture.”

Do you want to contribute to a ‘learning organisation’ that is dynamic, self-organising and adaptive? Join us to review your ‘mental map’ and think about how you see the world and whether your own worldview in any way limits aspects of your home and work-life? It is fascinating to think that what is going on in your head – totally influences your behaviour. This affects your ability to identify the choices you see as being available, and this, in turn, affects whether we see challenges or opportunities and that determines our happiness and ultimately our success.

“Marginal gains is not about making small changes and hoping they fly. Rather, it is about breaking down a big problem into small parts in order to rigorously establish what works and what doesn’t.”

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we've answered for our clients

How do I decide which workshop is right for my company?

We believe that each of our workshops offers a valuable employee experience. If a client is looking for recommendations around a specific heath risk, it’s best if they speak to their dedicated Vitality account manager, a Vitality Coach or member of the Vitality At Work operations team.

How much do workshops cost?

Workshop prices start at £250 + VAT. Please contact the Vitality At Work operations team at for individual workshop prices.

How soon can I book a workshop

Bookings must be made at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the proposed workshop date(s). Workshops are booked by emailing the Vitality At Work operations team at We recommend providing three potential workshop dates with your request.

What is a workshop and how does it work?

A workshop is an interactive seminar on a specific wellbeing topic designed to engage, equip and inspire your employees to improve their health. The workshop format is a combination of forum learning and attendee participation. Participants will leave the workshop with a health related skill they can apply both at home and in the workplace.

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