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Workplace Wellness Survey

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The traditional office has changed

People may be facing physical and mental health challenges from working remotely for so long.

Because we’re at home, it’s become much harder for businesses to understand how their employees are doing.

We can help

The Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey is available to organisations with 20+ employees.

How does the survey work?
  • Your employees complete the short online survey. They’ll get feedback and tips on how to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • We’ll then send you a detailed report with insights into how your employees are doing. Where possible, the results will be benchmarked against similar companies in your industry. See an example report here
Sign up before 31 August 2021.
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Is your business already with Vitality?

Contact your Client Manager or email to register. We will then ask for a few details to help with the registration process.

Workplace Wellness Survey terms and conditions

1. The survey will start and end on your preferred dates as agreed with Vitality within a two-week window.

2. Survey questions will cover:

• lifestyle behaviours
• physical and mental health
• the work environment
• remote working and
• feelings around returning to the office.

3. You can access employee surveys using a single survey link. Vitality survey support team will email the link to your organisation. The company representative will be responsible for sending out the survey link. It will not be possible to extend the agreed survey window once the survey starts.

4. Employees complete the survey on a voluntary and anonymous basis. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Given the anonymous nature of the survey, it is not possible to save progress during the survey. Which means employees will need to complete the survey in a single session. Employees will get immediate feedback once they complete the survey. They will be able to access tips and guidance to help improve or maintain their health and wellbeing. The employer survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.

5. To make sure results are credible organisations must complete at least 20 surveys. If you qualify for a report, you'll receive an email within five working days after the survey has closed. Vitality may exclude some statistics if full anonymity of employees is at risk. These may include various gender, age and location-specific statistics. You'll be able to see results against similar companies where possible. 


1. You should only agree to these terms and conditions with proper authorisation. By registering to take part, you agree to these terms and conditions. You also signify that you have the necessary authority to do so.

2. Participating organisations must have at least 20 employees who are over the age of 18. Employees also need to live in the UK.
The organisation’s representative should:

1. Register the organisation's relevant details with the Vitality survey support team.

2. Agree to distribute the survey link to all employees.

3. Notify employees that their organisation is participating in the survey. Encourage them to complete their survey within the chosen survey period. You can access guides and supporting material to assist as you run your survey. We will provide these materials to you once requested.
1. Employees: On completing the survey employees will get immediate feedback. Which will include guidance to help them maintain their health and wellbeing.

2. Employer: Will get an email within 5 working days if they qualify for a results report. This will happen after the survey has ended. The report will consist of various employee responses asked in the survey. Results will be benchmarked against similar companies in the relevant industry, where possible. 
Vitality founded the Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey. The Medallia, Inc, (“Medallia”) hosts the survey. As a customer experience organisation based in San Francisco. The Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey doesn't collect any personal data. This means, your identity will be untraceable and there is no link between you and your responses. As a result, the survey is not subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Data Protection Act 2018. Your confidentiality and anonymity are assured. The survey follows the VitalityHealth Privacy Notice, which you can find at
1. Organisations and employees can withdraw participation at any time. This will be without any benefit or disadvantage.

2. Employers will only get a results report if they have at least 20 employee responses.

3. Once employees submit the survey, Vitality is unable to delete any responses. This is because the Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey is an anonymous survey.  More details on this can be found in the Privacy Notice. An organisation can request to see a copy of the Privacy Notice by emailing

4. Vitality reserves the right to end the initiative at any time.