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Business health insurance that turns the boss into a hero

Give your staff a benefit they’ll love. It’ll help make them happier, healthier and more productive, too.

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Why it pays to have Vitality business health cover

Our unique mix of great medical cover and wellness rewards can give you a healthier, happier, more productive team. It also gives your employees fast access to private GPs, consultants, hospitals, high-quality treatment and a Full Cover Promise. Not to mention a ready-made rewards package that motivates them to stay healthy and form positive long-term lifestyle habits.

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Key benefits

  • Fast access to Private GP's and consultants

  • End-to-end high quality private care

  • Our Full Cover Promise

  • A ready-made employee rewards package

Higher productivity. Lower absenteeism

On average, UK employers lose 27.5 days1 of productive time per employee each year as a result of staff absenteeism and underperformance due to ill-health. Research has also shown that small businesses whose employees make the most of our wellness rewards enjoy 26% lower absence rates2.

Better, end-to-end private care

Your employees get fast access to a private Vitality GP and the right consultant, based entirely on their medical needs. They can also get the latest drugs and treatments in top UK hospitals. Plus, our Full Cover Promise guarantees to pay all eligible consultant and anaesthetist fees.
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How would you describe Vitality to someone who isn't part of the programme?

"Vitality offers a generous and thoughtful health insurance focussing on the right areas to make it good value for money. The benefits completely outweigh the cost of the package and encourage an interest in improving physical and mental health. Vitality are great at making health awareness fun and interactive and promote a positive attitude to making simple but important life changes."

London Office Manager, Trustly

Fast access to treatment

Our Vitality GP app gives employees video consultations within 48 hours and 24/7 access to a private GP helpline. If they need treatment, the Vitality GP can authorise minor diagnostic tests and onward consultant referrals within days. This means your employees enjoy welcome reassurance, at what can be a difficult time, and faster recovery times to get them back up running as soon as possible.

Healthy Business Discount

You’ll get up to 25% off your premium if none of your insured employees have been diagnosed or had any consultations, test or treatment for cancer, mental or heart problems in the last two years or no claims for joint issues – including arthritis and back problems – in the last six months. To qualify, you just need to give us permission to contact your employees via email.

How has the mood changed in the workplace since you joined Vitality?

“The team interacts every day in some way about Vitality, whether it is talking about what activity we will do, if they have earned their points, how many steps we have logged, and even what film we will watch at the cinema. It has brought about a really nice team atmosphere and is something the team can enjoy together."

London Office Manager, Trustly

Vitality At Work

Our Vitality At Work programme empowers your business to inspire positive behavioural change and build a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce, no matter what your business size. Available on all Business Healthcare plans, we can provide you with access to core and optional wellness services which include engagement campaigns, onsite services and Vitality Coaches in order to maximise the value of our Vitality wellness programme to all of your employees.
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A ready-made employee benefits package

48% of small business employees already say that health insurance is their most valuable staff benefit.3 With our wide range of partner discounts and cashback, they can also make big savings on a whole range of health, wellness and travel rewards, making it an easy and cost-effective way for you to attract and retain talented people.

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Details correct as of September 2019.

1 Figure calculated using an average work impairment of 10.9% and an average working year of 252 days. Work impairment is calculated using the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment (WPAI) scale across the 34,182 employee participants in Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2016, developed by VitalityHealth in partnership with the University of Cambridge, RAND Europe and Mercer.

2 NICE – National Institute for Health & Care Excellence. Accessed at:

3 Employee Benefits Report, ellipse March 2017