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Terms and conditions

Double Employer Cashback offer terms and conditions

This Offer is available to all Eligible Participants who comply with these terms and conditions.
For the purposes of these terms and conditions: 

(a) “Business Healthcare Plan" means a general insurance contract for the provision of private medical insurance services, underwritten by Vitality Health Limited and administered by Vitality, which is sold to an SME;
(b) “Calculation Date” means the date upon which Vitality will calculate the Employer Cashback Boost, as defined in clause 6 of these terms and conditions;
(c) “Eligible Participant” means an SME who did not hold a Business Healthcare Plan between 15 February 2022 and 30 March 2022;
(d) “Employer Cashback Boost” means an increase to Vitality’s existing Employer Cashback (which is currently cashback of up to 10%) to cashback of up to 20%;
(e) “Employer Cashback” means the amount payable to the Eligible Participant based on the Vitality healthy living activity of participating members covered by the relevant Business Healthcare Plan. For more details, please refer to the Group Secretary Plan Terms and Conditions (which can be accessed here);
(f) “Offer" means the offer of the Employer Cashback Boost to those Eligible Participants who qualify to receive it in accordance with these terms and conditions;
(g) “Offer Period” means 31 March 2022 to 30 June 2022 (inclusive); 
(h) “Principal Member” means an individual employee (not a dependant, partner or child) covered by a Business Healthcare Plan;
(i) “SME” means a small to medium size business;
(j) “Vitality” means Vitality Corporate Services Limited (registered number 05933141) of 3 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AQ; and
(k) “VitalityHealth” is a trading name of Vitality Corporate Services Limited.
Eligible Participants will be entitled to the Employer Cashback Boost if:

(a) they take out a new Business Healthcare Plan which satisfies all three conditions in clause 4 of these terms and conditions; and
(b) the further conditions in clause 5 of these terms and conditions are also met.
For the Eligible Participant to qualify for the Offer, the relevant new Business Healthcare Plan must:

(a) have a start date between the 31 March 2022 – 30 June 2022 (inclusive); and
(b) have no more than 9 Principal Members insured at their cover start date in total; and
(c) not include any employees who were already insured with VitalityHealth under a Business Healthcare Plan at any time between 15 February 2022 and 30 March 2022 (inclusive).
The Eligible Participant’s entitlement to the Employer Cashback Boost is subject to the Eligible Participant having also met the following additional conditions:

(a) The relevant Business Healthcare Plan must be renewed at the end of its first year and must still be in force at the Calculation Date; and
(b) The Eligible Participant must have at least one Principal Member who (i) achieves “silver, gold or platinum Vitality status” at the end of the first plan year and (ii) remains included on the plan following renewal; and
(c) All premiums must have been paid in respect of the relevant Business Healthcare Plan and be up to date as at the Calculation Date.
Once an Eligible Participant qualifies for the Offer, Vitality will calculate the Employer Cashback Boost no earlier than the third month after the first annual renewal date of their plan and in any event on the first day of the actual calendar month in which Vitality makes the calculation (the “Calculation Date”).  Payment will be made within 30 days of the Calculation Date.
The Employer Cashback Boost will be calculated as a percentage of the total annual premium for the first Business Healthcare Plan plan year, following any premium adjustments and excluding insurance premium tax.
Vitality will notify Eligible Participants who have qualified for the Offer by email to their group secretary.
This Offer is only available in respect of the first renewal of the Business Healthcare Plan. All subsequent renewals will revert to Vitality’s standard Employer Cashback offering of up to 10%, in accordance with the Group Secretary Plan Terms and Conditions.
In the event that the number of Principal Members at the end of the first plan year is more than thirty (30), Vitality reserves the right to revert to Vitality's standard Employer Cashback offering of up to 10% following the first renewal.
The Offer is not transferable or exchangeable.
When taking part in the offer, the Eligible Participant warrants that it has obtained the necessary consent to make available to Vitality the name and email address of its group secretary and the name and email addresses of all participating members covered by the relevant Business Healthcare Plan (“Personal Data”) for administrative purposes. All Personal Data collected by Vitality in connection with this Offer will be held and used by Vitality in accordance with Vitality’s privacy policies (which can be found here or if not, requested from Vitality) and data protection legislation. 
If Vitality reasonably suspects any Eligible Participant or any participating member covered by the relevant Business Healthcare Plan to have committed or attempted to commit an act of fraud or dishonesty, Vitality will require the Eligible Participant to repay to Vitality upon request an amount equivalent to the Employer Cashback payment under these terms and conditions if this has already been received by the Eligible Participant.
Any decisions made by Vitality over eligibility or otherwise in relation to the Offer are final, will not be open to dispute and no correspondence will be entered into.
Vitality is not liable to any person in any way in relation to the Offer, except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law.
Vitality reserves the right to amend or withdraw this Offer at any time, including in the event of fraudulent behaviour by any Eligible Participant.
Vitality reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions on the provision of written notice or via Vitality’s website.
These terms and conditions are governed by English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts and tribunals with regard to any dispute or claim arising under them.