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Core Cover

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Our health insurance plans for small to medium businesses

Our award-winning small business plans give your employees access to the latest treatments and highest standards of care. They include private GP video consultations within 48-hours; a 24/7 GP helpline; a choice of consultants and personalised support for a range of physical and psychological conditions.

All our plans include Advanced Cancer Cover, which pays all eligible costs associated with cancer once diagnosed. This means if your employees are diagnosed with cancer, we cover their in-patient and out-patient costs in full. They also include Vitality Plus, providing access to health and reward partners that help your employees look after their health.

Below is a summary of the benefits included within our Core Cover. All benefits are per insured member, per plan year unless stated otherwise. Treatment must take place at a hospital eligible under your plan. Full benefits, terms and conditions are available on request.

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Hospital fees
Includes overnight stays, nursing, and any drugs your employees might need while in hospital. We also cover the costs of intensive care treatment and operating theatre charges.

Consultant fees

As long as your employee’s consultant is registered with an accredited body and recognised by us, we pay their in-patient and day-patient fees in full, including their surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees, physicians’ fees and other consultant appointments.

Diagnostic tests

 If your employees are admitted to hospital as an in-patient or a day-patient, we pay for the diagnostic tests they need – things like blood tests and x-rays. We also pay for any MRI, CT and PET scans if required.
We pay for surgical procedures where your employees are treated as an out-patient.

The following table shows what’s covered with each option:

 Full cover
 END-OF-LIFE HOME NURSING CARE  Up to £1,000 per day for a maximum of 14 days
 WIGS AND RESTYLING  Up to £300 per condition
 SCALP COOLING  Full cover
 MASTECTOMY BRAS AND EXTERNAL PROSTHESES  Up to £200 for mastectomy bras and up to £5,000 per condition for external protheses

Vitality GP

Vitality GP offers your employees access to a private GP at a time and place that suits them. Using our Vitality GP app they’ll be able to talk directly to a Vitality GP and have a private GP video appointment. The app is supported on Apple (iOS8 or later) and Android (5.0 or later).
The Vitality GP can refer your employees for the most appropriate onward treatment meaning they often won’t have to make an additional call or online claim.
When a written private prescription is issued by a Vitality GP, your employees can choose to have their prescription posted to their home address or to a LloydsPharmacy. If they choose to have it delivered to a LloydsPharmacy they can pick up their medication at the pharmacy. No excess is payable for a private prescription.
Because the Vitality GP has access to your employees’ Vitality Age and Healthcheck results, they can advise them on how to get healthier and help manage any long term conditions.

Important information about Vitality GP
The video consultation service is available from 0800-1900 Monday to Friday and 0900-1300 Saturdays, excluding bank holidays.

Additional benefits

All included within our Core Cover. 

If your employees choose to get treatment on the NHS, rather than being treated privately through your plan, we give them a cash amount. In-patient treatment: £250 per night up to a maximum of £2,000; Day-patient treatment: £125 per day up to a maximum of £500.
We’ll give your employees a cash payment following the birth or adoption of a child (the payment following a birth only applies if they have been on the plan for at least 10 months). We pay once per child even if both parents are covered on the plan. £100 per child
If your employees’ consultant recommends home nursing instead or more in-patient treatment, we pay for it. It can get them back on their feet after a stay in hospital. Full cover

If your employees’ consultant recommends a transfer between hospitals, whether NHS or private, we’ll pay for the use of a private ambulance.

Your employees might have a child under 14 on their plan. If the child needs to stay overnight in hospital, we pay for hospital accommodation so that a parent can stay with them. Full cover
We cover surgical removal of impacted and partially erupted teeth, complicated buried roots, surgical drainage of a facial swelling, removal of cysts of the jaw, and apicectomy. If your employees have an accident we can also cover some kinds of dental surgery. Full cover in specified circumstances
We cover in-patient and day-patient treatment if your employees suffer from ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, missed abortion, still birth, post partum haemorrhage, retained placental membrane and hydatidiform mole. Full cover for specified procedures
In certain circumstances we pay for corrective surgery, such as the removal of birthmarks, and weight loss surgery. 
Subject to certain eligibility criteria and a 25% member contribution to the cost of consultations and package of treatment.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or counselling where treatment is agreed as clinically appropriate and arranged through our mental health panel. We pay for up to 8 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or counselling.
We cover rehabilitation treatment following a stroke or serious brain injury. We pay for up to 21 days immediately following in-patient treatment.
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