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Vitality Lifestyle Assessment

Measuring your wellbeing

The Vitality Lifestyle Assessment translates physiological data into personalised insights. This provides information on how to manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise effectively. The approach uses Firstbeat Technology as a tool to analyse heart rate variability. Certain stressors in daily life can cause physiological reactions that influence the body. We can see these effects by measuring every heartbeat and the time between beats. This can be measured in milliseconds. The variation in time between heartbeats is called heart rate variability (HRV).

Our unique method converts heartbeat data into an interpretable form. This personal report recognises the immediate effects of different stressors and lifestyle choices. We can help you to make permanent changes that promote your wellbeing.

What does the lifestyle assessment process look like?

An introductory presentation will explain the assessment process. This involves wearing a ‘Bodyguard’ device supplied to you. You’ll complete the test over a period of three days. You’ll receive apersonalised report. You can see an example here. A second presentation will explain how to interpret your results.

Participants who do not score well will have the option to receive a goal setting call once a month. This is to aid them in making positive changes. This monthly call will happen for three months. Participants will then receive a second device to complete a re-test. A report will follow this second test. They will have the option for a call with a Vitality Coach to discuss the differences between their first test and re-test. 

What will I know after the assessment?

How to manage stress: Recognise activities that cause stress. Learn how to better manage these in everyday life.

How to enhance recovery: See how you recover during the day and night and learn how to better recover in future.

How to exercise right: Understand the effects of physical activity. How you can manage your own activity to achieve the best possible results.
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How can my company benefit from this?

An employer purchasing this for their employees will receive an anonymised group report. This report demonstrates your staff performance in exercise, stress and recovery. An employer can use this report to influence their organisation's health and wellbeing strategy. We can suggest elements of the Vitality Programme that may help improve results. There are many ways to increase the performance of your employees.
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Summary of service:

  • Pre and post assessment webinar

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  • Two heart rate variability assessments

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  • Individualised results report for each participant

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  • Ongoing coaching support for high risk participants

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  • Group assessment report and call with company

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