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Mental wellbeing workshops

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Workshops for mental wellbeing

They are interactive seminars designed to engage and inspire your employees to improve their health. With a combination of learning and participation, your employees can leave the workshop with new skills. 

Bookings must be made at least six weeks in advance by email. Please include three dates with your request. Prices start at £250 + VAT. Contact the team at for individual prices.

Understanding mental wellbeing

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

We currently have more awareness around mental health than ever before. What if we made the conversation more around the fundamentals that make up mental wellbeing? On understanding rather than awareness?

In this workshop you will learn the basic guiding principles of wellbeing and psychological health. This will enable you to enjoy a state of wellbeing at any time. How you can better understand and manage emotions/feelings to make better everyday decisions. Why you don't need more strategies and techniques to maintain your mental wellbeing.

Supporting working parents

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Sleeplessness, chaos, noise, overstimulation, thwarted will and a juggling act often characterise parenting. But there's also deep abiding love, meaning, purpose, connection and joy.

This workshop is relevant for Mums and Dads of kids of all ages. Participants learn a framework of self-care that allows nourishment of ourselves. They leave with tips and tools to help them cope and boost resilience. This includes strategies to support sleep and relaxation and nutrition and lifestyle hacks. These strategies take little time, energy or expense. They canhelp parents manage the unique stresses they face.

Setting goals and achieving them

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

We all have goals that we want to achieve. It's easy to lose sight of them when self-doubt, distractions and comparison play out. This workshop moves through a framework which helps attendees articulate their goal. Identify what holds them back in achieving it. And understand what support is available to help them.

The framework encourages attendees to find positive stories and perspectives. This helps participants visualise achieving the goal and identify the purpose for wanting to achieve it. Participants will leave the workshop with a clear action plan.

How to de-stress in the office

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Work-related stress, anxiety and depression account for over half of work days lost due to illness in the UK. Technology meaning we’re always connected. The boundaries between work and home are blurring. We’re in even greater need of practices that will help us de-stress.

This workshop teaches how to restore the body to a state of calm using a few discreet desk stretches. Participants will gain a toolkit of five practical techniques to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

Making the most of your time

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Time management is the holy grail of our busy lives. With so many competing demands, how can we get everything done? This workshop explores some powerful techniques to identify what’s important and how to prioritise it. It teaches effective tools to help overcome common obstacles such as procrastination.

You learn how to notice the patterns that help and hinder you to create better, lasting habits. Participants will leave the workshop with a new sense of focus. They will feel empowered to become more productive and energised. The approach of this workshop is very much experiential. It requires active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection.

Mastering your inbox

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

We are living in an age of digitisation, immediacy and constant distraction. This can sometimes result in feelings of anxiety and burn-out. So much of work today involves our inbox and emails. Are you creating more hassle, less productivity and more stress through bad habits?

This workshop teaches how to build and maintain good habits with your email. Learn to become the master of your inbox instead of the servant. Find the joy in work once again. Participants will leave feeling empowered with a toolkit of strategies to regain control. The approach of this workshop is very much experiential. It requires active participation and interaction amongst the group and self-reflection.

Well Woman

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Women's bodies go through intense change throughout their lives. Hormonal fluctuations during teenage years, pregnancy and menopause have a profound effect on women's health and wellbeing. There's often conflicting information on how to manage changes in the body.

A specialist physiotherapist will lead the workshop. He or she will take participants through the role of hormones in female health throughout the years. It explores how to strengthen pelvic muscles after pregnancy. How to maintain fitness levels through whatever changes the body is going through. The workshop takes a closer look at female bone health. The benefits of tailored exercise on improving bone density during menopause. This workshop is suitable for all ages. Men can attend to learn how they can better support the women in their lives. Participants will feel empowered with the knowledge of how to take care of their body.

Understanding menopause

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Menopause can cause anxiety and distress for many women. The physical changes accompany mood swings and loss of confidence. Menopause is a natural stage of life that every woman will experience at some point. It’s a normal biological transition that occurs around the ages of 45-55. A healthy lifestyle can minimise the effects of the menopause. There are so many ways that the right nutrition can help to support a healthy menopause.

This interactive one-hour session will arm you with facts and practical tips to give your body the easiest ride. We discuss best diet practices, natural remedies, exercise, relaxation techniques and positive psychology. Men are welcome to attend and learn how you can be better able to support the women in your life during this process.

Positive wellbeing strategies in the workplace

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

The workplace has seen many changes over the last few decades. Employers are starting to realise the tangible benefits of having a healthy and happy workforce. But, it is up to you to look after your own wellbeing - both at work and at home. We all experience the stresses of life and work whether you are an executive or an assistant.

You will learn how to react better and with more patience to stressful situations in this workshop. Understand the foundations of long term psychological wellbeing. And how to slow things down when we get caught up in our thinking and how to reduce this from happening.

Mental health awareness for line managers

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

There is always a new report or study concluding that we are more stressed than ever. It’s understandable. After all, the economic climate is always changing. Anyone in employment feels under pressure to prove their worth. And to make sure that, come the next round of cutbacks, they’ve still got a job.

Modern technology has facilitated an “always on” culture even when we’re not actually at work. The better you are able to meet your people’s needs, the more healthy, productive and loyal they become. Take care of them and they’ll take care of business.

Mental health awareness for employees

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

The landscape around mental health has been changing for a while now. The stigma is falling away. People are becoming more open to discussing their experiences. Workplaces are introducing more ways to improve mental health amongst employees. It is important to develop skills to help ourselves and others deal with difficulties in the workplace as well as their personal lives.

In this workshop, you will learn how to protect and maintain positive mental health. How to identify poor mental health in others. How to start conversations and support others towards better mental health. And much more too.

Financial wellbeing

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

Our perception of debt is often influenced by our upbringing and for many, money is a way to manage emotions. Being in debt is more common than you may realise. In 2017 the Financial Conduct Authority found that 3.3 million of us are in the red. Our society also encourages debt. Credit cards are available whether we can afford one or not. We get into debt because we want to be, look and feel better.

Long-term debt can be beneficial because it teaches you better ways of living. Join us for this workshop that will help you to confront debt. It will reframe your mindset and identify strategies to get debt in check.

True grit

Length of workshop: 60 minutes

The best people to help your organisation achieve big goals aren’t always the smartest or best educated. Employees and leaders who find success in business have one thing in common: they never give up. Passion, perseverance and persistence are what psychologists call grit.

Grit is the ability to continue working toward a goal, no matter how hard it gets. Being resilient is also an important trait you need to be gritty. Responding resiliently to situations of adversity is important to keep us on track to achieve our goals. This workshop will equip you with the skills to gear yourself up to achieve your goals.
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