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Make Time Monday

Our nutrition and wellness movement for stress

Struggling with stress?

Did you know that 85% of us admit to feeling stressed on a regular basis, with Monday the most stressful day of the week for many? (based on a UK survey by Forth with 2,000 participants, Jan 2018)

Thanks to greater workloads, pressing deadlines and longer working hours, a large percentage of us also skip lunch and power on through, which can add to our work-related stress symptoms (including fatigue, tension, headaches, difficulty sleeping and gastro-intestinal upsets).

To encourage and inspire you to make some simple healthy changes that’ll help with your overall mental wellbeing, we’ve curated some top tips, recipes and apps from our Vitality partners and healthy living experts.

So be inspired and make the change on Mondays (and every other day)!

  • Read our top articles on stress
  • Dive into #MakeTimeMonday action plan
  • Learn about Healthy Mind support from Vitality and our partners

Is stress ruling you?

With more of us struggling with daily pressures, it’s difficult to tell when stress is taking over.

We ask the experts how we can read the signs and take action.

Read the signs for stress

How to stress less about money

Struggling to keep on top of your finances? Worried that you’re not saving enough?

Financial writer Amy Bonifas asks the experts for seven easy ways to stress less about money.

Stress less about money

Are you a stress eater?

Health journalist Ceri Moorhouse asks the experts why we crave sugary, fatty foods in times of stress and what you can do to take control.

The science of stress eating

These foods are guaranteed to help you sleep better

Struggling to sleep?

Authors of Eat To Sleep, Heather Thomas and Alina Tierney, share the foods you need for a better quality slumber.

Eat to sleep

Never be 'hangry' again

Want to know the secret to stopping yourself overeating?

Dietician Jo Travers (aka The London Nutritionist) shares five easy steps to taking control and feeling more satisfied.

Five steps to mindful eating

Make Time Monday actions

Make healthy changes on your Monday lunch break, that can have a positive benefit all day long

  • Eat clever

    When we’re stressed, our adrenal glands produce stress-response hormones*. We can positively impact our body’s reaction to these hormones with the right foods.

  • Brain break

    When we’re busy, we ‘mindlessly’ eat – fatty or salty food or eating too much food**. We can positively lower inflammatory molecules in our brain with mindfulness.

  • Eat together

    When we regularly eat alone, it can make us unhappy***. We can positively influence our happiness by eating with others.

Healthy Mind from Vitality

We give all our eligible* members access to Healthy Mind, a way for you to access and earn points for engaging in mindfulness activities.

Plus, VitalityHealth members can get up to eight sessions of self-referred CBT or counselling treatment through Talking Therapies.

*To be eligible to link your Healthy Mind Application to Vitality, you must be covered on a VitalityHealth or VitalityLife plan, or a VitalityInvest Retirement Plan in drawdown.

Make Time Monday Vitality partners

From mindfulness and meditation, to healthy food discounts and recipe inspiration

  • Headspace

    Meditation made simple, with 30% off an annual Headspace subscription.

  • Buddhify

    Over 200 meditations lasting from four to 30 minutes designed to fit into your day.

  • Calm

    Sleep stories, breathing exercises and masterclasses taught by experts.

  • The Mindfulness App

    The Mindfulness App helps you become more present in your daily life.