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Discover why Vitality car insurance makes driving more rewarding

At Vitality we are all about rewarding you. Why? Because what's good for you, is good for us, and good for society. That's why Vitality car insurance rewards you for being in (and out) of the driver's seat. And this is how...

It's all in the details

Car insurance can be a little complicated, which is why we’ve created some guides for you to get to know the details. From getting rewarded for car-free days to carbon off-setting, here’s everything you need to know.

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What is Vitality car insurance?

Good question! We've got all the details you need to know about Vitality car insurance, including why our insurance is a little bit different to the rest and how we reward you for good driving.

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Good driving equals great rewards

We take a three step approach to ensuring you’re rewarded for good driving. The process is to understand your driving, you drive well and get reward.

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“Because I wanted good scores, I was more conscious of my actions and more aware of the need to drive more smoothly and more efficiently - with the benefit of using less fuel and putting less wear and tear on my car. It was also quite enjoyable to interrogate my results after each journey, and constantly learn how to improve them.”

- Jim Holder
What Car? Editorial Director

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Good driving, that's green driving

How can driving and sustainability go hand-in-hand? With Vitality car insurance we’ve made sure to look after the planet as well. With carbon-offsetting when you drive well, tree planting and rewards for going car-free, our insurance is planet friendly.

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What’s covered in Vitality car insurance? Let’s find out!

Keeping you and your car protected is important to us, which is why Vitality car insurance only offers 5-star Defaqto rated comprehensive cover. To give you peace of mind at all times.

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The wearable for your car: How Vitality’s smart tech can help you become a better driver

It's smart, sleek and helps you to get rewarded. But what exactly is it? The Vitality sensor and app work like a smartwatch for your car, by measuring and providing feedback on your driving habits - your ABCDS. So you can see how you're driving every day and we can reward you for it.

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What does good driving really mean? The ABCDS of driving well

We all think we’re good drivers, right? But at Vitality we want to help you to become an even better driver with some simple steps, all of which help you get rewarded.

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Driving articles

Discover the Vitality driving blog for advice, inspiration, and tips on driving. From keeping little passengers busy to understanding the psychology behind your driving, we have articles to keep you on the road.