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Vitality car insurance, where good driving equals great rewards

Learn more about the Good Driving Programme and how rewards work

It’s no secret that doing healthy things gives us the best chance of a longer life. But sometimes, it can be hard to find the motivation to get up for that run, cook that meal from scratch or make that after-work gym class. The benefits can’t be understated though, so at Vitality - driven by our core purpose to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives - we’ve created a virtuous cycle that keeps on giving.

It’s simple. Through the Vitality Programme, we reward our members when they get active, eat well and have regular health check-ups – things that are all fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. The more they do, the bigger the rewards and the healthier people are, the better it is for them, us and for society.

So when it came to Vitality car insurance, we wanted to create something that wasn’t just an insurance product but an enhanced driving experience for our members. One where the benefits would stretch beyond the individual, a force for good in society. Incorporating these important elements of our core purpose was a big part of that.

How cashback works

How it works

While healthy habits are the focus of the Healthy Living Programme, good driving habits are at the centre of Vitality car insurance and the Good Driving Programme. There are three steps:

1 icon Understand your driving
2 icon Drive well or have a car-free day
3 icon Get rewarded

When you buy a Vitality car insurance plan, you're sent a small device, to attach to your car windscreen, its small enough to sit discreetly behind your rear-view mirror – this is your Good Driving sensor. It's kind of like a smartwatch for your car but instead of recording heart rate and steps, together with your smartphone it records your good driving behaviours - things like acceleration, braking and cornering, giving you a score for every trip. Through our app you can see instant, granular feedback on locations of your trips after you've taken them to see how you've done and if there's anything to improve.

Now this is the most exciting bit: your score - because it’s how we award you Vitality points. Points are the key to the Good Driving Programme as they’re how you get rewarded. You can earn a maximum six points every day for driving well or for having a car-free day.

Its these perfect driving days and up to ten car-free days that could earn you 25% cashback every month, based on your core premium. Your weekly score is also recognised, with 32 or more weekly points earning you a handcrafted drink or innocent smoothie from Caffè Nero.

Your points also go toward your Good Driving status and building this up can mean even more rewards. There are four Vitality status levels. Everyone starts on Bronze and you can then work your way up through Silver, Gold, eventually reaching Platinum. As you improve your status you can reduce your excess by up to £250.

Driving well with Vitality car insurance is not only good for you, but for our planet too. Good driving habits are better for the environment, as are car-free days, whilst also rewarding you directly. Plus, on the days you do drive, we’ll offset up to 100% of your carbon emissions for driving well.

Whichever way you look at it, the better your driving habits, the more rewarding it is all around. Doing small things can make a big difference which is our ethos across the Vitality family.


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