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Good driving, that’s green driving

We all try to do our bit to ensure we provide our friends and family with a more sustainable future – whether that’s making sure we switch off electrical appliances, switching to renewable energy tariffs or reducing our reliance on single-use plastic by buying more sustainable products - there are lots of ways in which we can help protect our environment.

We also know too well the impact that driving and carbon emissions from our cars has on the environment. Research has found that road transport makes up around 21% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions, with the impact of driving being directly proportional to how frequently a vehicle is used and its fuel consumption.

This is why Vitality's new car insurance offering is different to most insurers. Vitality car insurance provides members with the opportunity to offset 100% of their carbon emissions through the Good Driving Programme when they practice good driving throughout the week, plus if members take an environmentally-friendly car-free day they can earn points for it!

The Good Driving Programme is designed to help drivers improve five key behaviours that not only contribute to half1 of all road accidents, but are also bad for the environment: harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, distracted driving and speeding. Data shows that the safest drivers – those with the fewest acceleration and braking events – have 19% lower fuel consumption than the least safe drivers due to their smoother driving style.

So, how does it work? Vitality gives members the opportunity to earn up to six points a day, depending on how well they drive. Its these perfect driving days along with car-free days that can earn cashback every month. Your weekly score is also recognised, with 32 or more weekly points earning you a handcrafted drink or innocent smoothie from Caffè Nero – this is in addition to up to 100% of a member's carbon emissions also being offset.

Also, members who choose to take a car-free day will automatically gain the full six Good Driving points for that day.

In order to offset these emissions, Vitality has partnered with Carbon Footprint, a QAS certified carbon offset provider, to fund a portfolio of projects. This includes local support in the UK through tree planting in schools and protecting the Amazon rainforest, improving the health and lives of women in Darfur through replacing burning stove fired with EzyStoves®, and helping decarbonise the national grid in Thailand via the construction of a new wind farm.

So, through VitalityCar’s insurance, when members drive well, good driving really does mean green driving.

1 UK Department of Transport’s reported road accident data shows that driver behaviour (harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and speeding) and distraction contributed to 50% of all reported road accidents in 2019. Source: Department of Transport: Contributory factors to reported road accidents 2019.


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