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The wearable for your car: How Vitality’s smart tech can help you become a better driver

Many of us think we are good drivers, but the truth is only 33% of us really are. It’s not easy knowing if you are or you’re not, that’s why at Vitality we have invented the Good Driving Programme that comes with a sensor free for all members, the smartwatch for your car.

When it came to creating car insurance, we wanted to be able to reward drivers for good driving, because we all like to reap the benefits for behaviours that ultimately are beneficial to everyone. We got our smart group of product developers in a room and asked how we could really see if drivers were driving well, and also provide a way that could encourage them to become better drivers at the same time.

That's when we came up with the Vitality sensor, in partnership with CMT which is a US-based telematics technology provider that was founded by computer scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This handy award-winning device is small and discrete, smart-phone enabled and can be popped in your car near your front view mirror to monitor how well you’re driving.

It’s small, it’s compact and we like to think it’s also quite sleek looking, which means you won’t be distracted by it at all (distraction is one of the behaviours we monitor!). Similar to how you monitor your steps and activity using wearable smart tech, the sensor provides detailed feedback to the member on each trip, showing exactly where their good driving habits came through or which corners they took a little too fast, in order to improve next time. The sensor monitors the ABCDS of the Good Driving Programme; that's acceleration, braking, cornering, distraction and speed. These are the behaviours which are mostly likely to impact your risk of being in an accident.

Once you've installed your sensor, the rest is really simple - drive well, recording your trips with the Vitality app, to earn your weekly rewards, monthly cashback, up to 100% of your carbon emissions offset, and even earn lower excess payable in an at-fault claim.

We know, the worry with a sensor is that if you don’t drive really well one week that we’re going to penalise you by cancelling your policy or increasing your premium mid-year but that's not the purpose of the sensor and we guarantee your plan will not be cancelled or increase mid-year. We just really wanted to provide a way to reward your good driving, and help you to see where you could improve so that you can get even more rewards.

The sensor also aids you if you’re in an accident too by using the crash detection function, our claims team are able to contact the emergency services on your behalf, depending on the situation that you are in. So with rewards, monitoring your trips, recording how you drive and also being able to calculate the miles offset when you drive - what's not to love about our sensor?

Jim Holder, Editorial Director from WhatCar said: ‘I've driven with a Good Driving Sensor and have no doubt its presence improved my driving. Because I wanted good scores, I was more conscious of my actions and more aware of the need to drive more smoothly and more efficiently - with the benefit of using less fuel and putting less wear and tear on my car. It was also quite enjoyable to interrogate my results after each journey, and constantly learn how to improve them.’

So there you have it; much like your trusted wearable device that helps you get fitter and more active, our Good Driving Sensor is the wearable for the car that helps get you rewarded and improve your driving habits.


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