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What’s covered in Vitality car insurance?

Let’s find out!

If you’re looking for comprehensive car insurance cover, then you’ve come to the right place because at Vitality we are dedicated to making sure we’ve got you (and your vehicle) covered. Our 5 Star Defaqto rated car insurance plan ensures that you get the highest level of coverage on your car so that you always have peace of mind - plus we have some exciting extras that make our insurance a little bit different from the rest.

So, what exactly do we cover? We know that accidents can be distressing, especially if you aren't covered for everything you might need to help you when it happens. In the event of an accident, if your car is repairable, we ensure you have use of a courtesy car when you use an approved car repairer, there's also cover for travel or overnight accommodation in case you're far from home and need help after an accident, where your car is not roadworthy. Finally, there is nothing worse than losing or having your keys stolen so we cover you for replacement locks*.

When it comes to repairs we have you covered for windscreen repair or replacement, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on car repairs when you use an approved repairer - yes you heard that right, lifetime guarantee. Plus, we also have uninsured driver protection, so if you find yourself in a collision with a driver that hasn't been sensible enough to insure themselves, it's fine because you're still protected and covered*.

* Full cover details are available in the Car Insurance Plan Document (PDF, 322KB)

Sometimes you’ll get half-way through your cover and realise you need to make some changes so that your cover works better for your needs, and we completely understand that. If you do need to make changes to your plan during the year, we guarantee no mid-term adjustment fees because none of us like to find out there’s unexpected admin fees for something out of our control. However, it’s worth knowing that your premium may go up or down depending on the changes you would like to make.

If you’re looking for even more cover (at an extra cost) we offer the most comprehensive extras as well, to make sure that you have absolutely everything you really need.

  • Motor legal protection: Having an accident can be expensive if you need legal help, so by adding protection to your plan you can get cover on legal expenses and motor legal help
  • Breakdown cover: To ensure you can get quick help if you breakdown we’ve partnered with RAC, which includes roadside and recovery with various options and European roadside cover too. (All types of covers have variable costs)
  • Replacement car cover: If your car is stolen, lost or ‘written off’ you can get access to a replacement car for up to 21 days.
  • NCD protection cover: It’s really satisfying adding up those no claims, which is why if you have earned over 4 or more years ‘no claims’ discount, you can add NCD Protection Cover allowing you to make some claims on your plan before it impacts your no claims. Prices are dependent on personal risk and will be given once you’ve started a car quote.

As part of your 5-star Defaqto rated comprehensive cover we also include the Vitality sensor, a small device that helps to keep you safe if you have an impact in the car. If the sensor detects an unusual impact, we’ll check to make sure you’re okay, and if appropriate help you get started with making a claim. With location details available, the team can also let the emergency services know if they’re required, to help you.

Vitality Car Insurance is designed for anyone that is looking for comprehensive cover that will keep them protected in the event of an accident. But it’s not only that, we make sure to reward you for your good driving, help you to become a better driver and offset your carbon emissions to protect the planet.


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