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What is Vitality car insurance?

Introducing Vitality car insurance that rewards your good driving. Vitality rewards members for all the good things they do, and with Vitality car insurance, your good driving will now be rewarded, too...

Vitality members know that getting active and staying healthy not only makes them feel great, but it can earn them rewards, too — from monthly cashback to handcrafted drinks from Caffè Nero. Vitality now offers a powerful new generation of car insurance that puts you in the driving seat of your policy based on your behaviour behind the wheel. With Vitality car insurance you directly benefit from your good driving, allowing you to earn regular rewards and discounts, and to closely control your insurance costs.

We all know that most car insurance providers base your premium on driving experience, the number of miles you cover in a year, whether you have points on your licence, or have been involved in any road accidents. Let's be honest, though, precisely measuring the kind of driver you are with this method is far from an exact science, which is why the new Vitality car insurance model uses your driving data to reward you and reduce your insurance costs, such as excess in the event of a claim.

1. Drive well, get rewarded

In the same way that Vitality rewards those who look after themselves by offering little treats, Vitality car insurance ensures that when you drive well you get the benefit. Good driving is scored through the sensor and app, where points mean rewards. The discreet, wireless, self-adhesive sensor is there to reward, not penalise. It's not an annoying backseat driver that will rap your knuckles every time you creep over the speed limit. And, importantly, it is not compulsory, though without it drivers will miss out on the worthwhile Vitality rewards and benefits.

There are already many different ways to earn Vitality Healthy Living points – you can even earn them by going for a run. Vitality Good Driving points can be earned and built up in a similar way to unlock weekly rewards, helping to build your good driving status from Bronze towards Silver, Gold or Platinum. Higher status drivers reduce the level of excess payable in the event of a claim.

Members at all levels can earn cashback on their monthly premium, that’s in addition to earning weekly handcrafted drinks or innocent smoothies from Caffè Nero,  all from driving well or having a car-free day.

How does it work? Think of the technology as your friendly co-pilot. The clever little sensor is just like a smartwatch for your car. In fact, it's no bigger than one. Once positioned inside the car, it syncs with the Vitality Member app on your smartphone via Bluetooth and quietly starts working its magic in the background. They sense things like harsh or gentle braking, cornering and acceleration, and scores the driver accordingly. The aim of a high-scoring trip is to be more Driving Miss Daisy than The Fast and the Furious.

Drivers can review all of their trips in detail – from the first to their most recent – via the app, to see how well they scored and where they can improve, just like you might via running and cycling app, Strava. Though there are no prizes for being the fastest here!

2. A greener future

We all know that we need to make changes in our daily lives to cut carbon emissions wherever possible. And it's no secret that road vehicles account for nearly three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions from transport, and in England around 60% of short trips (1-2 miles) are made by car. Drivers looking to do their part for the environment might consider switching to a cleaner vehicle - something with low or no exhaust-pipe emissions or even swapping short car journeys for a walk, bike or public transport. Going green doesn't necessarily mean switching to an electric car or giving up your wheels entirely, even just a few car-free days can make a difference to the environment.

Through Vitality car insurance, drivers can see how car-free days and good driving habits accrue driving points - helping to encourage better driving behaviours.

And don't forget that good driving and green driving work hand in hand. Not ready to switch your car or ditch it for one day a week? Simple techniques such as smooth braking and acceleration can be employed by any driver in any kind of car, resulting in burning far less fuel, using less tyre rubber and making brakes last longer. That's better for the environment and for your pocket.

At Vitality, we are dedicated to looking after the planet. That's why we will offset up to 100% of members’ vehicles’ carbon emissions when they drive well. Plus, we’ll also contribute to various projects such as UK-based tree planting and protection. For those drivers who choose to leave the car at home and enjoy a car-free day will earn the maximum amount of points available. Use your car less, earn rewards and reduce your insurance costs - it's that simple.

3. Your loyalty is rewarded

Shopping around for car insurance is far from exciting, but the task is often forced upon us because most car insurers do not reward customer loyalty. Vitality does reward you for your loyalty and it saves you money, too – and who doesn't like saving money? The cost of motoring weighs on the mind of many a driver these days, so few would turn down the chance to save a few quid. Vitality car insurance customers can do just that by reducing their excesses by up to £250, simply by being good drivers.

The better you drive, the more rewards you earn and money you save – simple. And it isn’t a gimmick, it’s a result of the Vitality shared-value model. Good drivers make fewer insurance claims, which saves Vitality money that can then be passed back to the customer through competitive renewal quotes. It’s good for us, good for members and good for the planet too.

4. Peace of mind at your side

None of us likes to think about having an accident on the road, but the sensor's built-in crash detection function provides peace of mind should the worst happen. If you’re ever involved in a serious impact, the system will automatically notify the Vitality claims team – available 24/7 – who will be in touch to check that you are okay. The team can also notify the emergency services if they’re required.

Want to know more about staying safe on the road and avoiding distractions? We have 5 ways you can become a safer driver and 5 ways to keep the kids entertained in the car.

5. Encouraging good driving

We’re all used to setting ourselves goals in daily life, from recording a personal best on the exercise bike to cutting a few minutes off our regular walk, or promising to learn a new language by the time we reach that milestone age. Self-improvement is part of what makes us human, and why shouldn’t that apply to our driving, too? For example, 81% of drivers perceive themselves as a good driver when only 33% actually are* – that’s an eye- opener, isn’t it? It’s clear that we could all make improvements to our driving, no matter how small, and we’d benefit from expert tips and advice on how to sharpen our skills.

The Vitality Good Driving Programme encourages us to improve our driving, motivating drivers to consider how the small things can add up to make a big difference, and mentoring us in exactly how to make little improvements for a positive effect, in much the same way as our smartwatches do for our health and wellbeing. We all want to be good drivers, but what's stopping us becoming great drivers, and being rewarded for it in the process?

Vitality car insurance is 5-star Defaqto rated comprehensive cover that is intelligent and tailored to you and your lifestyle. You can finally be rewarded for your good driving and feel the benefit in your pocket.

* Source: Discovery Insure 2011 Launch paper: perception data from Discovery consumer survey versus actual experience data from Discovery telematics data


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