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Become a preferred recruiter

Great people work at Vitality. Which is why we encourage them to refer other great people to work here too, and it’s our policy to promote positions from within whenever possible.
When we do need help from recruitment agencies we always call on those on our Preferred Supplier List. These are recruitment agencies who understand our brand, culture and values, and we have agreed business terms with them. Our Preferred Supplier List helps us maintain the highest of standards, which means we can provide the best service to anyone interested in working for Vitality.

If you are not on our Preferred Supply List, we will not consider any speculative CVs or proposals you send hiring managers or our in-house Recruitment Team. They will not be considered for any positions at Vitality.

There are no plans to add new recruitment agencies to our Preferred Supplier List at the moment. If you would like us to consider your services when we do review our list, please email us and we will keep your details for consideration.


Place candidates at Vitality in London, Stockport, Croydon and Bournemouth.


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