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Want to encourage your kids to get active AND enjoy a film? Then our Disney BIG HERO 6 Movie Move-along is just the activity for you!

We’ve created this fun workout that kids can do whist watching Big Hero 6. In fact, they have to be watching the movie to do the workout. Interested? Pop Big Hero 6 on the TV, get your kids ready and read on to get started.

Use the opening credits as the time for your kids to do some warm up stretches.

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Whenever someone says Baymax

Do 10 Baymax style side-to-side shuffles


If someone says Tadashi

Run on the spot for 10 seconds

If someone says Tadashi

Every time there’s a fist bump

Do 5 star jumps

baymax fist pump

Whenever someone gets hugged

Hug your knees and then jump in the air three times


When Baymax gets upgraded

Do five arm circles (both forwards and backwards)

baymax gets upgraded

When Baymax and Hiro fly

Stretch your arms out and pretend to fly around the room

baymax and hiro fly

Don’t forget to get up and dance along whenever you hear a song!

Use the closing credits as your time to warm down by doing some deep breathing exercises to deflate and reinflate just like Baymax.

Print instructions

Individual physical capabilities should be considered when interpreting the different activities. Ensure you have enough space to play and that the activities are discussed and understood before you begin.