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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Daring Dash


Mission Brief: Dash always wants to be in the middle of the action but things usually turn out best if he works with his family. Can you work with your teammates to get the best time?

How to play

  1. Set two points for you to run to (and back).
  2. For the first round, each team member runs to the set point and back again.
  3. Time each individual’s run and when everyone has had a turn add them together to give you an overall time.
  4. Try the mission again and see if you can beat your first score.
  5. For the second round, each team member does the run but hand off the object. Can you beat your overall individual time by working together?
  6. How many times can you all run to the object and back in 4 minutes?

Adaptions: Try different types of running, run sideways, run with high knees; you could also add in small soft objects you need to hurdle over.

To make the mission harder make the distance longer and to make it easier make the distance smaller.

What you'll need
  • Timer
  • Object to pass back and forth
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