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Finding Dory

Dory's Deep Sea Dash


Bring one of everyone’s favourite Disney · Pixar FINDING DORY scenes to life by creating a jellyfish obstacle course at home!

How to play

  1. Cut the crepe paper to different lengths to create streamers.
  2. Attach your crepe paper streamers to the end of the balloons so they look like pink jellyfish.
  3. Tie string from one side of the room to the other and hang the balloons from it. Position them close together but at varying heights.
  4. Challenge your kids to 'swim' between the jellyfish as quickly as they can without touching any of the streamers. If they brush into one and it moves, they’re out!
  5. You can play this as a race (fastest wins) or encourage each child to try to beat their own time.

Note: You can also use helium filled balloons - letting them float up to rest on the ceiling or under some netting. Just group them closely together to form rows.

What you'll need
  • Pink balloons (around 25)
  • String
  • Sticky tape
  • Pink crepe paper
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