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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Hula Scoop


Mission Brief: Elastigirl needs to stretch her way to safety through the Underminer’s tunnels. In this mission imagine the hula hoop is the tunnel and you need to get your whole team to safety!

Elastigirl's Hula Scoop

How to play

  1. Get your team into a straight line, standing side by side holding hands with the person (or people) next to you
  2. Your mission is to get the hoop from the person at one end of the line to the person at the other end without anyone letting go of hands
  3. Starting in the free hand of the person at the front, they need to manipulate the hoop over their head, down their body and step through it before the next person does exactly the same thing
  4. When the hoop’s moved on, the teammate who just stepped through the hoop then runs to the back of the line and extends the line
  5. Everyone has to step through the hoop and move to the back of the line twice
  6. See how long it takes you and try again to see if you can beat the first time

Adaptations: If you have lots of players, split into two lines and have a race!


Sign up to Disney's 24 Hour Challenge and clock up your activity together as a family over the summer. By taking part, you can also help build a better world for children with UNICEF UK.

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