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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Incredi-Crawl


Mission Brief: In this mission pretend that you’re Mr Incredible crawling through the Underminer’s tunnels as he hunts the villain down.

How to play

  1. Get your teammates to form a line with their legs wide apart creating a tunnel
  2. Start the timer
  3. The person at the back of the line army crawls (in a plank or press-up position) through everyone’s legs until they get to the front
  4. When they get to the front they stand up with their legs wide and the next person crawls through leg tunnel until everyone has had a turn
  5. After everyone’s gone through in one position change the position. Try creating positions like bridge, plank, or make up your own
  6. If someone can’t crawl under a teammate then they have to do three burpees before it’s the next person’s turn
  7. Time your mission before completing again to see if you can beat your time

Adaptations: If you have lots of players, split into two lines and have a race.


Sign up to Disney's 24 Hour Challenge and clock up your activity together as a family over the summer. By taking part, you can also help build a better world for children with UNICEF UK.

What you'll need
  • Timer (most phones have one)
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