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Monsters Inc.

Mike's Monster Workout


Keep your own little monsters entertained with this Disney · Pixar MONSTERS INC. follow the leader game

How to play

  1. Designate someone to play Mike Wazowski (workout leader).
  2. Mike kicks off the game by giving an instruction in this format: "Mike Says... make scary monster feet!" The kids then all (including Mike) start stamping their feet as quickly as possible until Mike says "Stop."
  3. Play continues with everyone else copying each activity that Mike chooses - always starting with the phrase "Mike Says..."
  4. If Mike gives an order without saying "Mike Says" first - then the kids don't start to do it. If they do - they're out of the game. The last kid standing wins and then takes on the role of Mike.

A few other monster exercises could include:

Walk Like A Monster – how good are your kids at impersonating a real monster? Ask them to take big strides, growling and waving their arms.

Bunk Bed Scare – can they scare a bunk bed of kids at the same time? See if they can stand on tip toes with their monster claws in the air, then crouch down and reach out with their claws, then repeat as fast as they can – all while roaring loudly!

Monster Run – how fast can your little monsters run… while being monsters? Challenge your kids to run as quickly as they can while waving their arms and hissing loudly.

What you'll need
  • Lots of energy!
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