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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Mr Incredible Bounce


Mission Brief: Power up your super legs by pretending you’re Mr Incredible leaping over buildings in a single bounce in order to save the citizens of Metroville.

How to play

  1. Each teammate puts their object in front of them
  2. Start by standing on two feet, jumping over the object and landing on two feet. How many jumps can you do in one minute?
  3. Add the number of jumps completed by everyone on your team to give you a total score. Can you beat your first score?
  4. Now do the mission again, but this time start on one foot and land on two feet. The next time try starting on one foot and landing on one foot. Each time change how you jump over the object
  5. Make sure to give yourself a 30-second break before starting the challenge again and keep swapping the objects to jump over

Adaptions: To make the mission easier choose a smaller object to jump over, to make the game harder choose a bigger object. Try jumping over a number of objects in a row. If one minute is too long, how many jumps can you do in 30 seconds instead?


Sign up to Disney's 24 Hour Challenge and clock up your activity together as a family over the summer. By taking part, you can also help build a better world for children with UNICEF UK.

What you'll need
  • Suitable object to jump over (like a cushion, or anything soft with no sharp edges)
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