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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Stretch 'n Score


Mission Brief: Elastigirl has to go to greaaaaaaaaat lengths to make sure the villains don’t get anything past her – can you make sure nothing gets past you?

  1. Each player spreads their feet wide apart and clasps their hands together.
  2. Then bend over and swing your arms between your legs.
  3. Use your elasti-arms to pass the ball and try to get the ball through each other’s legs.
  4. Instead of playing individually you can also form teams (kids vs parents!) Who can clock up the most points?

Adaptions: If not everyone is able to stand players can sit on a chair. To make this mission harder, try adding in more than one ball.


Sign up to Disney's 24 Hour Challenge and clock up your activity together as a family over the summer. By taking part, you can also help build a better world for children with UNICEF UK.

What you'll need