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24 Hour Challenge Mission: Super Dance Off 


Mission Brief: Imagine Elastigirl has been challenged to a dance-off and wants to show off her super flexible dance moves. Can you remember all the moves your team invent?

How to play

  1. Decide which teammate goes first and then form a line.
  2. The first player creates an elastic dance move; then the second player performs the first dance move and creates a stretchy move of their own.
  3. The third player performs the first and second moves before creating one of their own. Keep going through all your teammates for as long as you can.
  4. If someone forgets a move start over from the beginning of the mission - how many incredible moves can you perform as a team?

Adaptions: To make the mission easier stand in a circle (or opposite each other) and the first player creates a dance move and everyone copies it, the second player then creates another dance move for everyone to copy and so on.


Sign up to Disney's 24 Hour Challenge and clock up your activity together as a family over the summer. By taking part, you can also help build a better world for children with UNICEF UK.

What you'll need
  • Music to dance to
  • Lots of energy!
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