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Vitality GP

Online doctor's appointments and video consultations

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Say goodbye to the doctor's waiting room with Vitality GP

Our Vitality GP app is much more than a fast way to see a private GP, it's also a really simple entry point to your VitalityHealth plan at your fingertips.

In a few steps you can set up video GP consultations, get onward consultant referrals if you need them, arrange physical and mental health sessions and find trusted health information.
Your video Vitality GP can even offer practical wellness tips to help you stay healthier for longer.

Vitality GP is included as part of Core Cover in all our plans. Members with Vitality Essentials as a part of a Business Healthcare plan have limited benefits, visit the Vitality Essentials Business Healthcare page to find out more.


All it takes is a few minutes to get a quote online.

Vitality GP: a complete end-to-end private treatment app

 Why you need it

  • No long waits ‑ book video consultations within 48 hours, including evenings and Saturday mornings
  • No NHS GP referrals* – Vitality GP gives you a fully joined-up private end-to-end service
  • Fast consultant referrals – if you need further treatment
  • Direct access to our Priority Physiotherapy Network - including for self-referral - on a range of muscle, bone and joint issues (if you have Out-patient Cover included on your plan)
  • Direct access to our Mental Health Panel - including for self-referral - on a range of treatments, such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Direct access to Big White Wall - our mental wellbeing partner offering 24/7 help
  • An easy way to find trusted health information for physical and mental health
  • Simple to use – intuitive design that lets you book in a few taps and also allows you to upload images for your video GP consultations.

 What it gives you

  • Unlimited Vitality GP video consultations each plan year for each member
  • At least two face-to-face GP consultations in the London area each plan year for each member. You'll need to make a £20 upfront payment each time you book a consultation and we'll cover the rest
  • Up to £100 per plan year for minor diagnostic tests – such as a full blood count, x-ray or ultrasound. This includes private prescriptions for acute symptoms
  • 24/7 GP Telephone advice service
  • Trusted clinical advice and guidance.

For full details on what’s covered with Vitality GP, check our terms and conditions.

*The Vitality GP will always let you know if they’re not able to help and tell you how best to proceed. This may mean they refer you to your NHS GP or to get in touch with VitalityHealth.

Our Vitality member ratings

After having a consultation with our Vitality GP we asked our members to rate their experience based on the Vitality GPs performance, the mobile application for ease of use, and the overall consultation experience.

  • How would you rate the GP you saw today?

    4.5 stars and up

    4.8/5.0 stars

  • How would you rate the app for ease of use?

    4.5 stars and up

    4.5/5.0 stars

  • How would you rate your overall experience?

    4.5 stars and up

    4.6/5.0 stars

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

What software do I need to use the Vitality GP app?

The Vitality GP app is compatible with Apple iOS8 and above or Android 5.0 and above. It’s not compatible with Blackberry, Amazon or Windows Phone devices.

How do I get the app?

Download the Vitality GP app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to log in with the same username and password that you use on the Vitality Member Zone. You can register on the Member Zone at any time after your plan start date. 

What isn't covered by Vitality GP?

There are some things the Vitality GP won’t be able to help with, such as:
  • hands-on examinations and treatment.
  • emergency treatment e.g. chest pains, suspected stroke or bone fracture.
  • routine or repeat prescriptions, including medication to treat cholesterol and diabetes.
There are also some cases where a Vitality GP won’t be able to make a referral and you’ll need to speak to your own GP or call us. These include alternative therapies, lifestyle surgeries, oral surgery or anything related to pregnancy. The Vitality GP will always let you know if they can’t help and tell you what they consider to be the best course of action.

You’ll also need to contact us directly if you need to arrange home nursing, a private ambulance, parental accommodation or to claim the NHS hospital cash benefit.

What happens after the consultation?

Depending on your symptoms and the benefits covered on your plan, the Vitality GP may:
  • give clinical advice and guidance
  • arrange a follow-up video consultation
  • issue a private prescription
  • refer you for certain minor diagnostic tests
  • refer you for physiotherapy via our Priority Physiotherapy network
  • refer you to our Mental Health Panel
  • refer you to a consultant through Consultant Select
  • ask you to contact VitalityHealth for confirmation of cover
  • ask you to contact your NHS GP, if you need more treatment that’s not covered on your plan or they feel this may be the better option for your ongoing care.
  • ask you to contact VitalityHealth for confirmation of cover
  • ask you to contact your NHS GP if they aren't able to diagnose you, if you need more treatment that’s not covered on your plan or they feel this may be the better option for your ongoing care.

Can I use Vitality GP if I'm abroad?

You can only use Vitality GP for consultations in the UK. If you’re abroad and need to speak to a GP, you can call our 24 hour private GP helpline - details are at

Are Vitality GP's fully qualified?

Our network of Vitality GPs are all registered with the General Medical Council and have at least five years’ experience practicing in the UK. In fact, most of them have over ten years’ experience practicing in the UK.

Does a Vitality GP consultation count as a claim or affect my renewal premium?

No, consulting a Vitality GP won’t affect your claims status or renewal premium, unless you’re referred for onward treatment that we pay for.

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