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Important information about your plan

You’ll no longer automatically carry over points

We have not automatically carried over 10% of your Vitality points; instead, your points have been reset to zero. However, the Vitality status you achieved has carried over into this plan year. To help get you started again, we’ve made changes to the way points earned for a Vitality Healthcheck work. Read ‘Your Vitality Healthcheck’ below for further details.

Your Vitality Healthcheck

As of this plan year, any Vitality points you earned from achieving ‘green zone’ results in a Vitality Healthcheck in the previous year will be carried over into this plan year. This means that, if all your Vitality Healthcheck results were in the ‘green zone’, then this year you will not have to take another Vitality Healthcheck. Equally, any ‘green zone’ points you earn in health checks this year will also be carried forward into next year.