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Provider billing

How to bill VitalityHealth

In order to make the billing process as simple and efficient as possible, we only accept invoices sent electronically. You also need to provide your bank details, so we can set up BACS payments to settle your bills promptly and securely.

Please note that we expect all providers to submit invoices electronically via Healthcode. As of 1 March 2017 only invoices submitted electronically via Healthcode will be accepted by VitalityHealth.

To get set up for eBilling 

We’re currently experiencing high demand for user credentials. If you’ve sent a request and are still waiting, please bear with us your user credentials will be issued as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you’d like to speak to an agent about your registration, please call 0800 092 9400, option 2, then 4.

The benefits of registering for eBilling

  • Online validation to ensure your invoice includes all of the information required before submission
  • Avoid invoices getting lost or damaged in the post
  • Send sensitive information securely
  • Receive payments faster
  • Save the time and cost of paper-based admin

If you’re a hospital or treatment facility, you can get details on how to register at

If you're a practitioner you can use the registration button below. This service is provided to VitalityHealth by Healthcode and the details provided will be shared with Healthcode for the purposes of e-billing registration.

Healthcode Registration

Changing your details

If you’re a hospital or treatment facility, you can change your details by completing the VitalityHealth hospitals BACS form

If you're a practitioner, you can change your BACS details by completing the VitalityHealth practitioner BACS form or to change any other details please use the link below.

Change your details

eBilling and procedure search

  • Submit an invoice

    Send us your bill via Healthcode invoices are not accepted by any other means.

  • Submit hospital/facility invoices

    Send us your bill via Healthcode.

  • Search for procedures

    Search by procedure code or description, or browse our index.

Where to next?


  • Our fee structure

    Find out about fee eligibility, multiple procedure billing and unbundling rules.

  • Our standards

    We believe in best practice across the board.

  • Join us

    Become a Vitality-recognised provider.