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ESG funds

Invest sustainably with the EnVIRO fund range. With some investing, your capital could be at risk.

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Investing sustainably can be good for you, society and the planet. It enables you to build a better financial future and contribute to a more sustainable world. It aims to avoid investing in companies that may do harm and invests in those that aim to bring about positive long-lasting change.

At Vitality, our ESG focused fund range is called EnVIRO.

What are ESG funds?

ESG funds are a form of sustainable investing. They consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when deciding what to invest in. They aim to help meet long-term financial goals while contributing to a more sustainable world.

  • Environmental

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    ESG funds consider the impact investments have on the planet. They aim to avoid investing in companies that extract coal, other fossil fuels or that generate power from them.

  • Social

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    ESG funds support communities and wider society. This might mean avoiding companies involved in weapons, alcohol or gambling.

  • Governance

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    ESG funds invest in businesses that have good working standards. This can include companies that have transparent financial reporting, independent boards and are regularly audited.

How does the EnVIRO fund range work?

The funds within the EnVIRO range are designed to provide long-term returns with a focus on sustainability. They aim to invest in companies that avoid doing harm and focus on companies that contribute towards a more sustainable future. They do this by using a simple three-step process that aims to:

1. Exclude companies that do harm.
2. Select companies that do more to contribute towards the environment, society and governance.
3. Review the funds and the companies they invest in regularly to ensure they continue to meet their ESG objectives.

The range is made up of five funds, with each fund matching a different risk preference. So whether you’re looking to invest in a fund with low risk or if you’re a more adventurous investor, there’s a fund for you.
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The funds are built from index-tracking funds, giving you a low cost way to access investments across various industries and regions. The index-tracking funds we have selected for the EnVIRO fund range are provided by industry-leading fund managers UBS Asset Management, BlackRock and Vanguard. Each have a proven track record and a commitment to ESG principles.

You can use our fund research tool to explore the full range of Vitality and third-party funds, including this range. (In this finder, the EnVIRO fund range will be called VitalityInvest ESG Risk Optimiser funds).

Fund finder tool

We're making a clear impact

The revenue from activities that negatively impact the environment or society is significantly lower with our funds(1). See how your money can contribute towards a more sustainable future with the EnVIRO fund range:

  • Carbon footprint

    Up to 58%

    less carbon footprint.

  • Controversial production


    from the production of tobacco, controversial weapons and civilian firearms.

  • Combined sales

    0.4% or less

    from the sales of adult entertainment, genetic engineering and predatory lending.

1Source: MSCI and Vitality, April 2021. Carbon footprint reduction based on MSCI carbon risk measure (T CO2E/$M SALSE), calculated relative to the Lipper peer average of each fund.
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ESG funds FAQs

ESG funds are investment portfolios where environmental, social and governance factors have been integrated into the process. The Vitality EnVIRO fund range is aimed for people looking to take a more general approach to ESG investing. This includes those looking:

• To invest for the medium to long term. Generating returns in a portfolio that has greater focus on ESG considerations
• To remain well-diversified with their investments. This includes spreading them over a range of asset classes in different region
• For investments that are managed according to a set risk profile
• For a cost-effective approach to investing by utilising index-tracking funds.
Each of the five funds in the EnVIRO range caters for a different risk level – from risk level three (low risk) to risk level seven (higher risk). These risk levels are based on a scale from one to 10. The scale is by Dynamic Planner, an industry leader in assessing the risk levels of investment funds.