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The right funds for you

A world of funds from leading investment managers

An investment plan is only as good as the funds you put in it. That’s why we’ve partnered with two of the world’s leading investment managers – Investec Asset Management and Vanguard – to build our range of Vitality funds. We also offer a wide selection of non-Vitality funds from other leading providers.

Our fund range has been designed to offer solutions to a wide range of needs. These include solutions focused on generating growth, providing sustainable income and focusing on careful risk management (including preserving capital).

 Investec and vanguard

Please remember the value of investments - and the income from them - can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest.


The Vitality fund range

We have two types of Vitality fund to which you can link your policy in order to prioritise income or growth at different levels of risk. All of these funds will make you eligible for Vitality Boosters and Discounts.

Performer funds - 10 high-conviction funds, actively managed by Investec, designed to outperform their benchmark

Risk Optimiser funds - 5 multi-asset risk-targeted funds using Vanguard index-tracking funds to obtain exposure to each asset class

The Performer funds

These are high-conviction funds, actively managed in partnership with Investec, designed to outperform their benchmark. The Performer range consists of: 

Multi-Asset Moderate Actively grow money by investing across a wide range of global assets, while aiming to stay within a low to medium risk profile.
Multi-Asset Balanced Actively grow money by investing across a wide range of global assets, while aiming to stay within a medium risk profile.
Multi-Asset Growth Actively grow your money by investing across a wide range of global assets, while aiming to stay within a medium to high risk profile.
Dynamic Multi-Asset Deliver strong long-term returns by investing in a flexible way, in diversified, global investments. This includes actively choosing how much risk to take depending on market conditions
Targeted Absolute Return Bond Invests in bonds from around the world. A bond is a loan made by investors to a company or government. These funds aim to deliver steady returns, while giving you some protection against any fall in the bonds’ value.>
UK Listed Equity Growth Deliver long-term growth by investing in UK-listed companies which are considered quality businesses with strong financials and management.
Global Equity Growth Long-term growth from a high-conviction global portfolio. High-conviction funds invest in a small number of companies that the fund managers know well and believe could deliver strong, long-term returns.
Multi-Asset Income Sustainable income with lower levels of risk than equities, by investing across a wide range of assets.
UK Listed Equity Income Give investors a sustainable income, and the opportunity for capital growth, by investing in high-quality UK businesses.
Global Equity Income

Deliver income from a high-conviction global portfolio. High-conviction funds invest in a small number of companies that the fund managers know well and firmly believe could deliver strong returns and yields.

Risk Optimiser funds

Five multi-asset risk-targeted funds, using Vanguard index-tracking funds to gain exposure to each asset class. Each fund is carefully designed with a mix of assets aiming to optimise returns based on each fund’s level of investment risk. The funds invest in a diversified portfolio of index-tracking funds across a range of asset classes and geographies. We closely monitor the funds daily and rebalance them when required to ensure they stay strictly in line with their investment risk levels.

Each fund aims to deliver long-term returns through income and capital growth, while remaining within a risk profile on a scale of one to ten:

VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser Fund 3
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser Fund 4
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser Fund 5
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser Fund 6
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser Fund 7
Any information given here should not be taken as advice and is not intended as a personal recommendation to invest in a particular product. To find the best investment for you, speak to a financial adviser. You should also regularly assess your existing investments, to make sure they meet your attitude to risk and investment goals at the time.

Your questions answered

Can I change the funds I invest in?

Yes, any time you like. Just contact us or your financial adviser, choose which funds you want to sell and which you want to buy.

Which funds do I need to invest in to get the Vitality Boosters and Discounts

Any investment in a VitalityInvest Performer or VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser fund is eligible for our Investment Booster, Retirement Booster or Healthy Living Discount.

Do I have to invest in Vitality funds

No. While we believe that our Performer and Risk Optimiser funds meet a wide range of needs, sometimes you may want to complement them with third-party funds.

This is why we also offer access to over 250 third-party funds from over 20 leading fund managers, aiming to cover popular and well-known funds

Explore our full fund range.

What are the fund charges?

The Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) is the total cost you can expect to pay for each fund. It includes Vitality’s charges for investment management and administration, as well as any other third party’s charges, but excludes the costs of buying or selling assets.

The OCF for VitalityInvest Investec funds ranges from 0.88% p.a. to 1.03% p.a. For Risk Optimiser funds it’s typically 0.40% p.a. The charges for non-Vitality funds vary and are defined by the individual fund managers. For more details, see the relevant fund's fact sheet.

In addition to fund charges, there’ll be product charges

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“Vanguard” is a trade mark of The Vanguard Group, Inc., and has been licensed for use by Vitality Life Limited. The VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser funds are not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by The Vanguard Group, Inc. or Vanguard Asset Management, Limited and they make no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the funds.