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Healthy Living Discount

Take steps to get healthy and you could pay no product charge.

We believe that financial security is even better when you have the good health to enjoy it. As well as helping you grow your money, we help you improve your health - and reward you for it.

To get the discount you'll need to take out a qualifying* VitalityHealth or VitalityLife policy. Then take steps to improve your health. The more you do, the less you pay. In fact, you could pay no product charge at all on the part of your VitalityInvest Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA or Retirement Plan that's linked to Vitality funds.

It’s simple: the more you do, the less you pay.

*By holding one of these policies, you will be a member of our healthy living programme:

  • VitalityHealth: Personal or Business Healthcare plans or Corporate Healthcare plans with Vitality Plus
  • VitalityLife: Policies with Vitality Plus, excluding Vitality Core and Vitality Lite

Terms and conditions apply. 

How it works

Take part in our healthy living programme by doing things like staying active and tracking it, having a health check or buying healthy food, and you’ll earn Vitality points. The healthier your efforts, the more points you earn, which contribute to your Vitality status - Bronze, Silver, Gold and ultimately, Platinum.

The higher your Vitality status, the more you save on product charges when you invest in Vitality funds. Achieve Platinum status, and you could pay £0.

How we’re able to reward you

By staying healthy, you could live a longer, healthier life. This benefits both you and us. We believe it’s only right to share some of our earnings with you, so that you have more money to make the most of life. It’s all part of what we call shared value. Think of it as motivation to get where you want to be.

What your charges could be

Healthy living pays. See what you could be saving on your product charge each year below. If you have a qualifying VitalityHealth or VitalityLife policy, you can benefit from taking part in our healthy living programme.

Value of investment across all VitalityInvest products  If you have a qualifying VitalityLife or VitalityHealth policy and money invested in Vitality funds  For money invested in non-Vitality funds
  Bronze status Silver status  Gold status  Platinum status 
 Up to £30k  0.60% 0.50% 0.30%  0.00%   0.60%
Amount over 30k up to 75k  0.50% 0.40%  0.25%  0.00%   0.50%
 Amount over £75k up to £250k  0.35% 0.30%  0.20%  0.00%  0.35% 
 Amount over £250k up to £500k  0.20% 0.15%  0.10%  0.00%  0.20% 
 Amount over £500k  0.15% 0.10%  0.05%  0.00%  0.15% 

Please remember the value of investments - and the income from them - can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest.

Any information given here should not be taken as advice and is not intended as a personal recommendation to invest in a particular product. To find the best investment for you, speak to a financial adviser. You should also regularly assess your existing investments, to make sure they meet your attitude to risk and investment goals at the time.
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