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Healthy Living Discount

You could pay no product charge at all on your investment – it’s as simple as investing in Vitality funds and tracking your daily steps

Saving for your future isn’t just about saving money, it’s about making sure your health is there to enjoy your savings. So as well as helping you take care of your wealth, we help you take care of your health - and reward you for it.

What is the Healthy Living Discount?

The Healthy Living Discount is a unique discount on your product charges. The more you look after yourself, the bigger the savings on product charges. And when you save on your product charges, you have the opportunity to grow you investment even further.

How does the Healthy Living Discount work?

  • Step 1: Invest with us


    Open a VitalityInvest plan. You'll automatically have access to the Vitality Programme which gives you discounts from well-known brands like Expedia and Caffè Nero.

  • Step 2: Get active


    Maintain healthy habits by doing things like tracking your activity and having a health check. These earn you Vitality points which help you build a Vitality status - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

  • Step 3: Save on product charges


    The higher your Vitality status, the bigger the rewards and the more you save on product charges. Achieve Platinum status and invest in Vitality funds, and you’ll pay £0 product charge.

See how your product charge would reduce if you track your healthy habits:

 Bronze Vitality Status  Silver Vitality Status Gold Vitality Status  Platinum Vitality Status 
Tiered product charges by investment value Invested in Vitality or third party funds Invested in Vitality or third party funds  Invested in Vitality or third party funds  Invested in third party funds Invested in Vitality funds 
 Up to £75,000 0.45%  0.35%  0.30%  0.20%  0.00%
Over £75,000 and up to £150,000 0.30%  0.22%  0.20%  0.15%   0.00%
 Over £150,000 and up to £250,000 0.25%  0.20%  0.15%  0.10%   0.00%
 Over £250,000 0.00%  0.00%  0.00%  0.00%   0.00%
These charges apply if you start a new Vitality investment plan without taking financial advice.

Which plans are eligible for the Healthy Living Discount?

How we're able to discount your product charge

We’re living longer. And we all want the wealth – and good health – to enjoy it. As the only investment provider to bring together wellness and savings, we could help you reach your financial goals faster, as well as helping you live a longer life with the wealth to enjoy it.

By rewarding you for taking steps to be healthy, this benefits us too, as you’re more likely to live longer and invest with us for longer. We believe it’s only right that we share some of what we earn with you. It’s all part of what we call shared value.

Please remember the value of investments - and the income from them - can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest.

Through the Vitality Programme, VitalityInvest plans include discounts from a range of our partners

  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Weight Watchers Logo
  • Logo
  • Logo
  • fitbit logo
  • Samsung logo
  • Headspace
  • Bluecrest logo
  • Nike with Vitality logo
  • parkrun
  • Runners Need logo
  • Withings logo

Healthy Living Discount FAQs

Who can take advantage of the Healthy Living Discount?

Any new customer who opens a VitalityInvest plan automatically has access to the Vitality Programme, therefore is able to take advantage of the Healthy Living Discount.

What is the Vitality programme?

The Vitality Programme rewards you for living well. Earn Vitality points by doing health checks, tracking your daily steps and looking after yourself. By getting more points, you’ll increase your Vitality status. The higher your status, the lower the product charge you pay. So you invest in your future wealth, and your future health. It’s a win-win.

The Vitality programme includes: 75% off Champneys spa stays, 25% off Runners Need, up to 40% off a range of Garmin or Polar devices, discounts on hotels, coffee and much more.

What is a Vitality status?

The more you look after yourself, the more points you can earn. By earning points, you can move from Bronze Vitality status to Silver, then Gold and finally Platinum. To get to each stage, you’ll need:

Bronze status – 0 Vitality points
Silver status – 800 Vitality points
Gold status – 1600 Vitality points
Platinum status – 2400 Vitality points

Just doing your online Health Review and taking a Vitality Healthcheck could earn you up to 880 points – enough to get you to Silver status.

How do I earn points to improve my Vitality status?

Here are just some of the ways you can earn Vitality points:

Earn 100 Vitality points when you complete your Vitality Health Review
Earn 2 Vitality points a day for 10 minutes (or more) of mindful activity when you use Headspace
Earn 480 Vitality points for taking a Vitality Healthcheck and being in the Green zone for 4 checks
Earn 100 Vitality points for making a non-smokers declaration online
Earn 5 Vitality points each day you walk over 10,000 steps.

How do I reach Platinum status?

To reach Platinum status you need to get to 2,400 Vitality points.

For how long could I pay no product charge?

You could continue paying no product charge throughout the entire investment period, just as long as you get to and maintain Platinum status and invest in Vitality funds.

Any information given here should not be taken as advice and is not intended as a personal recommendation to invest in a particular product. To find the best investment for you, speak to a financial adviser. You should also regularly assess your existing investments, to make sure they meet your attitude to risk and investment goals at the time.
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