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Transfer an ISA to Vitality

Transfer your ISA

With investments, your capital is at risk

Transferring an ISA – a simple switch

It’s possible to transfer your Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA to another provider. You can even transfer from a Cash ISA to a Stocks and Shares ISA, or vice versa. You may want to transfer your ISA if you’re willing to take some risk and get potentially higher gains on your existing ISA, or to move all your investments in one place – so they’re easier to keep track of.

You can transfer Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs to a VitalityInvest Stocks and Shares ISA. With our unique benefits and range of funds, you could grow your money even faster – and with our Healthy Living Discount, you could pay no product charge at all.

Transfer an ISA to us for free

We won’t charge a transfer fee. But it’s worth checking whether your current provider does.
More on VitalityInvest ISA charges

How to transfer an ISA in three easy steps

You can transfer your Stocks and Shares ISA or Cash ISA to a VitalityInvest Stocks and Shares ISA entirely online. Here's how:

  • 1

    Start your VitalityInvest ISA online and tell us how much you'd like to transfer 

  • 2

    We’ll get in touch with your current provider. If you need to fill out a form, we’ll let you know

  • 3

    We'll confirm once your money's been transferred to us

Transfer your ISA now

Capital at risk

Why transfer an ISA to VitalityInvest?

✓ Potential to boost your ISA even further
Our Investment Booster and Healthy Living Discount could add extra money on top of returns.

✓ You could pay no product charge
Maintain healthy lifestyle habits and you could save up to 100% on the product charge, with our Healthy Living Discount.

✓ Access to discounts from leading brands
Transfer an ISA to us and you'll automatically be part of our Vitality Core healthy living programme which includes a range of discounts from well-known brands. Learn more

✓ Funds from leading fund providers
Choose from 6 Vitality funds based on risk level, or from 2501 funds from leading fund providers.

✓ Easy to manage
Login to Member Zone to view and manage your investment.

Capital at risk
See what your new ISA could be worth

Please remember, the value of investments - and the income from them - can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest. This information is based on our understanding of existing tax legislation which may change in the future.

Special offer - 100% cashback on your first year's product charges

We’ll refund all your product charges after 12 months when you open or transfer an ISA between 22nd July and 24th January 2020. And in year 2 onwards, you could continue paying no product charge when you take steps to being healthy. We call this the Healthy Living Discount. Capital at risk and terms and conditions apply.
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An ISA transfer won't affect your ISA allowance

ISA transfers don’t count as newly invested money, so you won’t use up any of your ISA allowance for this year.

✓ ISA allowance for tax year 2019-2020: £20,000

ISA transfer rules

Transferring this tax year’s ISA contributions
You can move all your money invested in an ISA this tax year, but you can’t transfer part of it.

Transferring previous year’s ISA contributions

You can transfer all or part of money you’ve invested in ISAs in previous years.

Transfer your ISA and boost it with Vitality

Transfer your ISA to VitalityInvest and boost your investment with our unique benefits

  • Our Investment Booster

    Get extra money on top of returns every 5 years, when you invest in Vitality funds. Think of it as a sort of loyalty programme. You could get an extra 15% over 25 years.

  • Our Healthy Living Discount

    Take steps to be healthy and you could pay no product charge at all. Terms and conditions apply.

Ready to invest?

Get your money moving. Capital at risk.

Transfer an ISA now
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ISA transfer FAQs

How long do ISA transfers take?

The time it takes to transfer an ISA depends on the provider it’s being transferred from, however should typically take 30 working days for a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Does transferring an ISA use your allowance?

No, ISA transfers don’t count as new money invested.

Can I transfer shares into an ISA?

We’re unable to accept transfers of any assets into a VitalityInvest ISA.

Can I transfer part of an ISA?

You can transfer your ISA from one provider to another, however if you’ve invested money into an ISA in the current tax year, you must transfer the whole amount. Any money invested in previous tax years can be partly or fully transferred.

Will I lose interest if I transfer my ISA?

You should check with your current ISA provider if any interest accrued will be lost if you transfer out before a particular date.

Is there a limit on ISA transfers?

No, you can transfer all of the money in your current ISA regardless of how much is already invested.

Any information given here should not be taken as advice and is not intended as a personal recommendation to invest in a particular product. To find the best investment for you, speak to a financial adviser. You should also regularly assess your existing investments, to make sure they meet your attitude to risk and investment goals at the time.
1 Source: VitalityInvest Retirement Plan VitalityInvest ISA and Junior ISA Fund List, May 2019