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Pay from £69 upfront for
an Apple Watch Series 2
and nothing more if you
stay active with Vitality

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Apple Watch with Vitality life insurance

To help you get active and earn rewards for doing so we’re pleased to announce - Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch Series 2. 

This benefit is unique to Vitality and partners us with Apple Watch Series 2, the next generation of the world’s most popular smartwatch. 

You’ll be able to enjoy an Apple Watch Series 2 from £69 and then fund the remaining balance by getting active. See more below which shows how easy it is to get involved.

Example Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm): RRP £369 

Upfront payment: £69 

Monthly payment: £0 - £12.50 - depending on your activity 

Interest payable: 0% APR, Variable Direct Debit for 24 months

How to get started

  • Get Apple Watch

    Once you're a Vitality member, visit our Member Zone and choose Apple Watch Series 2 or Apple Watch Nike+. You'll need to pass a credit check, make an initial payment and set up a variable Direct Debit for 24 months. 

  • Get active

    Download the Vitality Member app to your iPhone. Then track your activity with your new Apple Watch to earn Vitality activity points. 

  • Get rewarded

    Your monthly payment will depend on how many Vitality activity points you earn each month and will be between £0 and £12.50.

How it works

Apple Watch Series 2 starts at £369 so you’ll make an initial upfront payment from £69 followed by 24 monthly payments of between £0 and £12.50. Upfront payments vary depending on the model you choose, but the monthly payments are still between £0 and £12.50.

To fully fund the balance of your Apple Watch, earn 160 Vitality activity points every month and stay with us for the entire purchase period. Take a look at all the ways you can earn Vitality activity points.

Activity points table for Apple Watch

How much you could save based on your monthly activity

Illustrative example based on Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm Aluminium Case with Sport Band
Total price Initial upfront activity Your activity Monthly Direct Debit payment Balance paid Total saving
£369 £69 160 activity points per month for 24 months £0 £0 (0% APR, variable Direct Debit for 24 months) £300
£369 £69 80 activity points per month for 24 months £7.50 £180 (0% APR, variable Direct Debit for 24 months) £120

Changes to Vitality activity points

From August 2017, we’ll be changing the maximum number of Vitality activity points you can earn in a day from 10 to 8. This will affect the amount of activity you’ll need to do to reduce your monthly Direct Debit payments. If you take out a plan before this change comes into effect, it will be applied from your first renewal date.

Already a Vitality member? Find out how this new benefit applies to you.
Will I be eligible for this reward?
To get an Apple Watch through Vitality, you need to be on one of the following plans; a VitalityHealth Personal Healthare plan, VitalityHealth Business or Corporate Healthcare plan with Vitality Plus or a VitalityLife plan with Vitality Plus, Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimser.

When will I be able to get an Apple Watch through Vitality?
If you’re on an eligible Personal Healthcare plan or VitalityLife plan you can get an Apple Watch now.

If you’re the insured employee on an eligible Business or Corporate Healthcare plan, you’ll be able to get an Apple Watch from renewal following 30th September 2016. Visit the ‘My plan’ page on the Member Zone to check your plan renewal date.
Find out more about how the changes to Vitality points will affect this benefit.
In early 2017 we are changing the maximum number of Vitality activity points you can earn in a day. All activities that currently earn 10 points will change to 8 points. The maximum number of activity points you can earn in a day will also change to 8 points. When we introduce this change it will apply from your next renewal date.

The number of Vitality activity points you need to earn to reduce your monthly Direct Debit payment will stay the same, so this means that you’ll need to exercise more regularly to reduce your monthly payment. The following examples show how it might affect you:

If you're moderately active

If you're moderately active and do 2 x 10,000 steps (5 points for each) and 1 x 30 minute run a week (10 points) you would have previously earned 80 points a month.

To get the same saving you’ll need to earn another 8 points by doing either 1 x extra 30 minute run or 12,500 steps a month (8 points), 2 x extra 10,000 steps per month (10 points) or 3 x extra 7,000 steps per month (9 points).

Points changes for moderately active members

If you’re very active and want to make the maximum saving each month

If you’re super fit and active and want to aim for the maximum saving of £12.50 every month then instead of earning 40 points through 4 high intensity workouts, you’ll have to do 5 high intensity workouts (12,500 steps or equivalent) a week or 4 high intensity and 2 medium intensity workouts (e.g. 4 x 12,500 steps and 2 x 10,000 steps).

Points change for very active members
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