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Compare Serious Illness and Critical Illness Cover

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The difference between Serious Illness Cover and Critical Illness Cover

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How our Serious Illness Cover compares to Critical Illness Cover 

Typical Critical Illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a specific life-threatening condition as defined in the policy. 

Our Serious Illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the 175 conditions we cover, based on the severity of your condition. If you claim for a condition that pays out part of your cover amount, we keep covering you for the remaining amount, so you can claim again. See the conditions we cover.

We also provide help before permanent symptoms appear. With our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover if you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, for example, we pay out 10% of your cover amount as soon as you’re diagnosed to help you make any changes you might need to your lifestyle. The rest of your cover amount is still available to you. So if your condition gets worse, or you’re diagnosed with another, you can claim again. You can keep doing this until you have used up your whole cover amount.

A typical Critical Illness policy normally covers you for around 48 conditions. 

Our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover protects you for 175 conditions, nearly four times as many as a typical Critical Illness policy. Our Primary Serious Illness Cover protects you for more than twice as many conditions, too – 114 in total.

Additionally, we cover many early stage cancers other insurers don’t cover, such as low-grade prostate cancer. In fact, our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover covers more cancers than any other insurer. As a result, our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover is 87%1 more likely to pay out for a cancer claim than a typical critical illness policy.

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1Hannover Re UK Life Branch February 2016 :

  • Estimates are set by Association of British Insurers as at 2014
  • VitalityLife estimates are based on the VitalityLife Plan with Comprehensive SIC
  • Estimates are based on the likelihood of making a claim before age 65