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Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus

What it costs

A small monthly fee for access to big benefits

Get rewards, deals and cashback if you add Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus.


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Life Insurance fees and charges

You can access additional rewards and cashback with Vitality Optimiser and Vitality Plus. You need to pay a monthly fee for this, which is currently:

  • Vitality Optimiser - £3.80
  • Vitality Plus - £5.00

There is also a fee of £1.50 for each child covered under Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children or Education Cover, to access these benefits.

Each year, these fees may go up, go down or stay the same, depending on inflation and any changes we make to the rewards and benefits we offer. Unlike your protection premium, these fees aren’t discounted and aren’t affected by what you do to look after your health.

To get Vitality Optimiser or Vitality Plus, your protection premiums need to be £30 per month or more for a single policy, or £40 per month or more for a joint policy.

Further terms and conditions apply.

Vitality Optimiser

Get access to all of our best discounts, savings and rewards when you take out a policy with Vitality Optimiser.
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