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Vitality data finds a modest amount of regular exercise can improve health outcomes and reduce claims costs

7 June 2022
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New data released today by Vitality has demonstrated a strong link between physical activity and health outcomes. Analysis of Vitality health insurance claims between 2017 and 2021 found that even a modest amount of regular exercise can reduce the average costs per claim for members requiring hospital treatment.  

The report considers claims for in-hospital and day treatment for musculoskeletal, oncology and cardiovascular claims by Vitality members, finding that the more active Vitality members were, the lower their claims costs.  

The data highlights that members who regularly engaged in physical activity over the time period of the analysis, (equivalent to at least one moderately active day per week), were found to have a significant reduction in their claim's costs, with a reduction of 31% for musculoskeletal claims, 37% for cancer claims and 46% for cardiovascular claims compared to those not recording activity.  

The data is taken from Vitality’s upcoming Health Claims Insights report, which will be published in full on 8 June at a special Business Update event.  

Dr Keith Klintworth, VitalityHealth Managing Director, said: “It is clear from our data that even a moderate amount of regular activity can have a large impact on health outcomes.  

“This new data highlights how important keeping active is to our health and shows why our shared value approach to insurance, which incentivises and rewards people who make positive lifestyle choices, alongside providing high quality insurance products, is ever more relevant.” 

The data additionally detailed the impact of the pandemic and gyms closing. Vitality found its members turned to digital workouts at home, offered through their Vitality membership, enabling them to sustain similar levels of physical activity to what they were doing pre pandemic. The pandemic also appeared to change the type of workouts people did with a 49% increase in Cardio workouts in 2021 compared to 2019. 


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