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Tuesday 19th November 2019

Vitality launches new cancer care booster worth £570 per month with Health & Life policy

Vitality announces four innovative new developments for the protection market, including a market-first Cancer Benefit Booster initiative to people who have both a VitalityLife and VitalityHealth policy  

  • New cancer benefit – Cancer Benefit Booster – a monthly income to support additional living expenses incurred during cancer treatment, for members with both VitalityHealth Private Medical Insurance (PMI) and VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover (SIC) policies 
  • The Cancer Benefit Booster was announced as part of the launch of ‘Vitality Pink’ a new initiative that directly rewards and unlocks additional value to members who hold both a VitalityHealth and VitalityLife policy
  • VitalityLife also makes a number of SIC enhancements: Additions mean VitalityLife now pays out on all conditions covered in the market and enhances Children’s SIC, including Hospital Benefit and cover for Type 1 Diabetes
  • New Vitality @ Work plan: Introduction of new product that will extend key aspects of health insurance to more of an organisation’s employees - including physiotherapy, CBT and counselling, plus Vitality GP and important features of the Vitality Programme - to Business Healthcare (BHC) and Corporate Healthcare (CHC) customers 

New Cancer Benefit Booster 

Vitality has announced the launch of a unique benefit for people undergoing cancer treatment. The Cancer Benefit Booster, a brand-new protection initiative, is being brought to market to give extra financial support to people who have cancer, directly recognising the added financial pressures that such a diagnosis can bring.  

The new Cancer Benefit Booster is available to members with a VitalityHealth Private Medical Insurance (PMI) plan and an eligible VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover (SIC) policy, who are undergoing treatment for cancer and claiming on either policy. They will now receive £570 per month, plus the cost of their monthly PMI and Life Insurance premiums per month on top to support extra living expenses during their treatment.  

The amount of £570 is based on research from Macmillan Cancer Support, which shows that more than four in five (83%) people are affected by the financial implications of cancer and, on average, are £570 a month worse off because of a cancer diagnosis. This is due to things such as the need to stop work for a while, whilst at the same time having to cope with additional costs associated with regular trips to medical appointments and increasing household bills, such as extra heating costs and needing more help around the home and garden.

Through VitalityHealth, all members already have access to comprehensive private cancer treatment, while through VitalityLife SIC members receive cash payouts upon diagnosis, linked to the severity of their condition. 

The Cancer Benefit Booster was announced as part of the introduction of ‘Vitality Pink’ a new initiative that directly rewards and unlocks additional value to members who hold both a VitalityHealth and VitalityLife policy.   

Neville Koopowitz, CEO at Vitality, commented: “Having cancer can be an incredibly difficult time for anyone and worrying about the cost of living with the disease can bring extra pressure. Through the introduction of our new Cancer Benefit Booster, we will be able to provide extra financial support, giving extra assurance and support when they may need it most.   

“We’re pleased to be able to announce this as part of the launch of Vitality Pink, which unlocks more value for members who hold both a life and health policy with us. This new initiative will not only give people access to the Cancer Benefit Booster, but a range of boosted rewards that will help our members to live healthier lives.”  

Brian Walters, Director at PMI specialist Regency Health, said: “This is an excellent initiative from Vitality and demonstrates that forward thinking insurers are always looking for ways to help their members when ill health strikes. Basing the amount of financial support on the Macmillan's research is a robust approach and the premium waiver is a particularly nice touch.” 

VitalityLife SIC enhancement 

As part of its commitment to providing the most comprehensive serious illness protection, VitalityLife have made a number of enhancements. Under Vitality Life Serious Illness Cover, the insurer is adding four new conditions, paying out earlier for 23 conditions where a member is included on an NHS waiting list for surgery, enhancing its children’s cover, and enhancing some of its existing definitions. 

The four new conditions are Severe Sepsis, Necrotising Fasciitis, Desmoid-type Fibromatosis and Myasthenia Gravis. All have been added to VitalityLife’s market-leading Serious Illness Cover (SIC) to help protect members and their families against the financial impact these conditions can have on their lives. 

The enhancements are grounded in medical expertise and follow a comprehensive review of Vitality’s SIC definitions and recent claims, alongside in-depth actuarial and clinical analysis. Severe Sepsis has been added following a doubling in the hospital admissions in the past three years [5], making it more common that heart attacks. 

Enhancements to Children’s cover includes: 
  • Cover for Type 1 Diabetes – VitalityLife is adding cover for Type 1 Diabetes to Core and Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children. This will broaden and simplify cover by completely aligning the conditions covered for children to those covered for adult members.
  •  Children’s Hospital Benefit – In the event that a child member is hospitalised for 14 consecutive nights or more, VitalityLife will provide a benefit of £100 a day from the 14th day onward (up to a maximum of £3,000).
  • More appropriate Total Permanent Disability definition for children which takes into account the nuances in assessing this condition in children.
Deepak Jobanputra, Deputy CEO at VitalityLife commented: “We pride ourselves in having the most comprehensive Serious Illness Cover in the market, and are delighted to confirm the addition of these new conditions to further our market-leading position. Being diagnosed with a life changing condition is very difficult time for anyone, and having the right protection can give people important financial support at a very difficult time for them and their family. 

“I’m also pleased to announce an important change in how we assess Total Permanent Disability in children. Up until now we have used the same approach as we use for adults and this change will mean the assessment is relevant and more appropriate for children.” 

Vitality Business Healthcare - Vitality @ Work 

VitalityHealth has also announced a new healthcare benefit for employers who do not have sufficient budget to offer all their employees with full PMI. The Vitality @ Work product provides access to key benefits including physiotherapy, GP appointments and mental health support, and will provide an intermediate option for medium to large employers - both Business Healthcare (BHC) and Corporate Healthcare (CHC) customers. Clients who cover at least 10 of their employees with full PMI will be able to select ‘Vitality@ Work’ for just £7.50 per person per month for their wider workforce. The product will be available from early next year. 

The product focuses on two key areas of employee wellbeing, offering CBT or counselling through Talking Therapies for mental health treatment, and Priority Physio treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. This is combined with Vitality GP access, including a benefit for prescriptions and minor diagnostics, which means that employees can access a GP consultation quickly without needing to take time off work, and access to important elements of the Vitality Programme, supporting people to get more physically active and engage in their health, and including a number of new reward partners that are also being announced this week.