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30 July 2020

Vitality offers Coronavirus tests to members

VitalityHealth is to make Coronavirus tests available to its health members from 29 July 2020, to support members to test if they have had an immune system response to Covid-19, meaning they have previously been affected by the virus, or test to see if they have the virus now.
All tests are provided in partnership with Vitality face-to-face GP provider, DocTap, who will conduct the test, provide the results and provide any additional support a member may need.

The following tests are now available to our members:

Antibody testing*
  1. Rapid test: A rapid antibody test (SureScreen) done by taking a blood sample during the consultation. Results are available within 10 minutes and the test costs £18
  2. Laboratory test: a blood sample is sent to a laboratory (done by The Doctor's Laboratory using the Abbott test) for testing for £45. Results are emailed back in 2 to 3 days. 

Members will additionally pay a £20 GP consultation fee.

Both of the tests identify antibodies specific to Coronavirus in a blood sample given at the appointment. Whilst there is no firm evidence that the presence of antibodies means someone cannot be re-infected with the virus or pass it on to someone else, it does suggests a person currently has some form of immunity against catching the virus again.

PCR viral coronavirus test

  1. Viral antigen home test (PCR) - members can also access a viral antigen home test (PCR) that identifies if they currently have Covid-19, for a cost of £99, plus £20 towards the telephone consultation fee. Results will be emailed back to the member in 5 to 7 days. The test is a swab test taken at home, which looks for the presence of the virus, and is sent back to a laboratory (The Doctor's Laboratory) for testing.
  2. COVID-19 Fitness to Travel PCR Antigen Swab Test – offered with no consultation, a member collects a self-swab collection kit from DocTap in London and takes it directly to the laboratory for a cost of £100. Results are posted back to the member in 2 to 3 days.

Dr Keith Klintworth said: “Coronavirus has impacted all our lives, and we recognise that many people may want to know if they have or have had the virus. By providing access to a full range of Covid-19 tests, alongside personalised advice on the recommended appropriate test from a GP, we are able to support our members to access testing, alongside giving people support and more information on the virus.”

Dan Faber, founder of DocTap, said: “DocTap are proud to be working with Vitality in the fight against Covid-19. Our ambition is to provide the most accurate, convenient, affordable and fastest Covid tests on the market, backed up by our outstanding team of doctors.”

The antibody and general PCR tests will only be made available where the GP in the accompanying consultation recommends the test for a member during their consultation. Members can book both tests and appointments through the Member Zone.
Members with a Personal Health Fund (PHF) as part of their plan, can use the fund to pay for or go towards the cost of the test.

Notes to editors:

* The GP will advise on the most appropriate test at the appointment

1. The test is available to all VitalityHealth members, except those on Vitality Essential plans.
2. Appointments are available to our members as one of their two private GP consultations they have access to each plan year as part of their cover with us. Members on London Care have access to unlimited consultations.
3. A maximum of two tests are available for any member.
4. Face to face consultations are only currently available in the London region. 
5. The tests do not affect any of the plan benefit limits, or count as a claim for the purposes of calculating the premium at renewal.
6. COVID-19 Fitness to Travel PCR Antigen Swab Test is available from John Bell & Croyden pharmacy off Oxford Street in London, and the sample dropped off directly with the laboratory which is three minutes’ walk away.
7. DocTap is one of Vitality’s face to face GP providers. Members pay a £20 upfront payment each time they book a face-to-face consultation and Vitality covers the rest. Individuals can make bookings by logging in to their Member Zone and accessing the DocTap booking platform.

 Note: This information is accurate as of the day it was published. For more information on the latest guidance, please refer to our Covid FAQs.