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Vitality re-introduces Earnings Guarantee 

30 November 2021
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Vitality re-introduces Earnings Guarantee for Income Protection policies

30 November 2021 – Vitality has today announced that it has reintroduced its Earnings Guarantee feature on Personal Protection Plans with Income Protection Cover*. 

The Earnings Guarantee means members who take out an Income Protection policy can guarantee their monthly benefit of up to £8,000. This means at the point of claim current salary won’t be taken into account when working out the maximum benefit payable.

As part of this feature, members can verify their earnings at any point within the first six months of their plan**. 

Additionally, monthly benefits of less than £1,500 will continue to be automatically guaranteed and members will not have to verify their earnings for these plans upfront.

Nick Telfer, Head of Protection Specialists, said: “Members shouldn’t have to worry that they will receive a reduced monthly benefit if they have to reduce their working hours due to ill health before ultimately being unable to work. Our unique Earnings Guarantee feature enables our members to protect the salary they had when they took out the policy, and we are delighted to be able to instate this feature of our Income Protection product that we know is so popular with advisers.”


Notes to editors

* Vitality removed this feature in March 2020 as part of restrictions placed on Income Protection following the outbreak of Covid-19. 
** Existing plans will be able to verify their earnings so long as they are within the first six months of their plan

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