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9 November 2020

VitalityHealth launches Lifestyle Assessment for corporate members

VitalityHealth has today announced that it has launched a new Vitality Lifestyle Assessment for its corporate member organisations*. The Assessment uses innovative Firstbeat technology to help them understand their employees’ health and wellbeing, identify potential risks, and implement suitable interventions to improve overall health and wellbeing.

The Vitality Lifestyle Assessment uses Firstbeat technology to measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which identifies and monitors stress, recovery and exercise levels amongst employees, with recommendations and support then provided on health, activity and mental health, by Vitality’s expert coaches. 

The assessment is a further tool to help employees to better understand employee health and wellbeing and help influence and inform the wellbeing strategy for the organisation and support higher participation in company health and wellbeing programmes. 

Firstbeat finds organisations that use the device are able to increase engagement in company wellness programmes to more than eight in ten (88%) of employees and drive improvements in work efficiency, with 85% of employees of those having used the device saying they’ve increased their work efficiency. Additionally, Firstbeat has seen an overall reduction of sick days by up to 30% of those using the device.1

The Firstbeat device is worn by those participating in the programme for three days, after which Vitality’s in-house expert coaches interpret the results and provide a personalised report for the individual and an aggregated report for the organisation. This includes information on approaches and ways for them to further support their employees based on the results. Progress against this is monitored for a three month period, after which the test is repeated to monitor progress.  

Andy Magill, Head Coach, VitalityHealth said: “We have long emphasised the holistic value of looking after health and wellbeing. By joining forces with Firstbeat to use data and interventions together, we are equipped to encourage more people to lead healthy lives.

“Having worked closely with organisations looking to implement health and wellbeing strategies for their employees, we know it’s often difficult to pinpoint where to focus that effort. The Vitality Lifestyle Assessment helps us do just that as by using Firstbeat technology we are able to use accurate real-time data to suggest improvements and work with the company to monitor progress.”

Tim Wright, Strategic Partnerships, Firstbeat said: “At Firstbeat, our ambition is to help every individual reach their health, wellness and performance potential with science-backed confidence. Partnering with VitalityHealth – an organisation that share our passion for holistic wellbeing - is an exciting opportunity to do exactly that. 

“By combining VitalityHealth’s years of expertise and our technology, I am excited to see how the Vitality Lifestyle Assessment will support employees in introducing meaningful changes that support a healthy lifestyle and build resilience, and help employers across the nation optimize performance and wellness amongst staff.”

The assessment is available to businesses with corporate membership at an extra cost. The tool is recommended for specific segments or employee groups of an organisation, such as the senior leadership team or a specific department. For more information or to enquire about the assessment, visit the Vitality website.

*Vitality Lifestyle Assessment is available to all SME and Corporate Healthcare organisations with more than ten employees.


Notes to editors

1., June 2020

For further information, please contact:

Alexa Chaffer, Head of PR, Vitality  

[email protected]