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Cardiovascular examination required by your own GP

Following your Vitality GP video consultation, the Vitality GP has recommended you see your own GP for a hands-on examination to check for cardiovascular (heart) symptoms.

Vitality GP

Reasons why the Vitality GP has recommended this course of action

The Vitality GP service always aims to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan, but due to your symptoms it's good clinical practice to have an examination. This will give your GP more information and may explain the possible reasons for your symptoms.

During your examination, the GP may need to:

  • Take your blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Listen to your heart rhythm
  • Do an ECG examination of your general circulatory system

The benefits of a hands-on examination

Your GP will be in a better position to decide on the best treatment and if further investigations are needed, such as a chest X-ray.

Tips for getting the most out of your GP appointment

  • Share your consultation notes from your Vitality GP video consultation. You'll find these under the ‘Video GP Consultation history’ button in your Vitality GP app. You can either show your GP these notes, or if possible you can email them to your GP before your appointment using the ‘Email summary’ button in the app
  • Your GP needs to know about any medication you're taking, so take a list including over-the-counter and/or alternative medicines, or anything prescribed after a hospital visit
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