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Vitality GP unable to prescribe medication

Following your Vitality GP video consultation and based on the information you’ve provided, the Vitality GP has been unable to prescribe you medication.

Vitality GP

Why couldn’t the GP provide me with a prescription?

It may not have been safe to prescribe medication based on your symptoms without a thorough examination by your NHS GP. 

Vitality GPs are unable to prescribe the following:

  • Regular/repeat medication
  • Long-term treatment, for example statin for high cholesterol or metformin for type II diabetes
  • Medication that’s available over the counter
  • Travel vaccinations or medication, for example malaria tablets
  • Supplements or feeds, including infant formula
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Controlled drugs, including but not limited to dihydrocodeine, morphine and tramadol. For more info about controlled drugs you can visit the NHS website

What are the benefits to me?

You won't be prescribed medication that’s harmful or where it’s deemed unsafe to do so.

What should I do next?

  • Arrange to see your NHS GP for a thorough examination, providing them with the Vitality GP consultation notes via the Vitality GP app
  • If appropriate and suggested by the Vitality GP, visit your local pharmacy for over-the-counter medication
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